Sales statistics, and knowing how to use the information to your advantage, is an integral part of implementing a great sales strategy.

As you’ll see below, sales statistics show that salespeople who follow up with prospects 5-12 times contribute 80% to the bottom line, and salespeople who only follow up 4 times contribute only 10%. 48% give up after only one contact. Digsy AI assists agents by making it ridiculously simple to follow up and achieve that 8x improvement.

Here are 100 statistics to help you improve your sales strategy:

  1. Using mature lead management processes has resulted in 25% of marketers’ sales teams contacting prospects within just one day. Without mature lead management processes, only 10% of marketers experience the same follow-up time. [Source: Forrester Research]
  2. General emails will generate a 3% CTR while lead nurturing emails generate an 8% CTR. [Source: HubSpot]
  3. 7 people out of an average firm of 100 to 500 employees are involved in buying decisions. [Source: Gartner Group]
  4. 47% larger purchases are made by nurtured leads than non-nurtured leads. [Source: The Annuitas Group]
  5. When businesses nurture prospects through marketing automation they experience a four hundred percent increase in qualified leads. [Source: The Annuitas Group]
  6. Of decision makers polled, 78% reported attending an event or appointment which originated from an email or cold sales call. [Source: DiscoverOrg]
  7. B2B organizations keep in touch with their leads using lead nurturing every week. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  8. Engaging key decision makers is one of the top challenges for 2/3 of B2B marketers. [Source: Forrester Research]
  9. The brain can process visual items a whopping 60,000 times faster than text. Visual presentations create impact! [Source: Neo Mammalian Studios]
  10. Emails which are lead nurturing will receive 4-10 times the response rate of stand-alone email campaigns. [Source: SilverPop/DemandGen Report]
  11. Subjects that include the words “alert” and “breaking” performed well for most B2B companies. [Source: Adestra]
  12. Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. [Source: Gartner Research]

  13. A huge 65% of B2B marketing programs do not include lead nurturing. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  14. 9% more sales reps make their quota in companies which have an excellent lead nurturing strategy. [Source: CSO Insights]
  15. Urgent and exclusive emoting subject lines deliver a 22% greater opening rate than those with boring subject lines. [Source: Email Institute]
  16. Some days are better to call prospects than others. Mondays from 6 AM to noon and Friday afternoons are the worst days to call.  [Source: RingDNA]
  17. Year after year, inside sales average dials have decreased 20% while 44% of inside sales pipeline comes from marketing. [Source: Bridge Group Inc]
  18. Among B2B marketers 61% send leads directly to sales, however, a mere 27% will be qualified leads. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  19. Converting leads into paying customers is the top funnel priority of 57% of B2B companies. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  20. Problem-solving is the reason 70% of people make purchasing decisions. The other 30% of people hope to gain something when making purchase decisions. [Source: Impact Communications]
  21. Stories are remembered by 63% of those who attend a presentation, while statistics are remembered only 5% of the time. [Source: Dan & Chip Heath]
  22. Solution providers who give clients enough content to navigate through all stages of the buying process are chosen 95% of the time over those who do not. [Source: DemandGen Report]
  23. When you increase customer retention by as little as 5% you will see a 25-95% increase in profits. [Source: Bain & Company]
  24. Inside sales reps spend only 33% of their time actively selling. [Source: CSO Insights]
  25. Including the word “free” in an email subject line increased the email opening rate by 10%. [Source: HubSpot]
  26. Customers commonly think that sales reps will be 88% knowledgeable about the products they sell, though only 24% knowledgeable on the business side of a company. [Source: Corporate Visions]
  27. 14% of customers are lost yearly. [Source:]
  28. Three-quarters of buyers wish marketers would stop using sales-speak in their content. [Source: DemandGen Report]
  29. 70% of CMOS do not have a clear process or program outlined for making marketing and sales alignment a company priority. [Source: CMO Council]
  30. If your team has 50 sales reps, their average monthly voicemails will total 1,277 hours. [Source: RingDNA]

  31. Emails sent on Tuesday have the highest open rate of all weekdays. [Source: Experian]
  32. 8% more emails without subject lines were opened than those with a subject line. [Source: HubSpot]
  33. Emails which are personalized and include the recipient’s first name have higher open rates. [Source: Retention Science]
  34. Most sales people make just two attempts to reach a prospective client. [Source: Sirius Decisions]
  35. It takes up to 6 call attempts to contact 93% of converted leads. [Source: Velocify]
  36. Only 3% of your market is actively buying. 56% are not ready, 40% are poised to begin. [Source: Vorsight]  
  37. 35-50% of sales are made by the first vendor to respond. [Source:]
  38. A B2B company which cannot align sales and marketing teams will lose 10% or more of yearly revenue. [Source: IDC]
  39. 82% of buyers will look at five or more pieces of content from the winning vendor. [Source: Forrester]
  40. A referred customer’s lifetime value is 16% greater than a customer who is not referred. [Source: Journal of Marketing]
  41. 2% of cold calls actually result in an appointment. [Source: Leap Job]
  42. Email recipients open based on subject line 33% of the time. [Source: Convince and Convert]
  43. Buyers generally get around 100+ emails every day, of which they open only 23% and click on 2% of the links. [Source: Tellwise]
  44. A referred customer is 18% more loyal to a brand or company than a non-referred customer. [Source: Journal of Marketing]
  45. As many as 68% of B2B companies have not identified their funnel. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  46. Web leads that get a follow up within 5 minutes produce 9 times more conversions. [Source:]
  47. Leads which are nurtured produce a 20% greater sales opportunity.[Source: DemandGen Report]
  48. 50% of marketing leads are ignored by sales reps. [Source: The B2B Lead]
  49. Putting “quick” in the subject line resulted in 17% fewer emails being opened compared to those without the word. [Source: HubSpot]
  50. Aligned sales and marketing in companies create up to 208% per revenue. [Source: MarketingProfs]
  51. A decade ago 3.68 cold call attempts were required to reach a prospect, today 8 attempts are necessary to connect. [Source: TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group]
  52. Of available leads, a mere 25% are legitimate and lead to sales. [Source: Gleanster Research]
  53. 71% of all sales reps feel they spend too much time doing data entry. [Source: Toutapp]

  54. Subject lines greater than three words decrease their open rate by more than 60%. [Source: ContactMonkey]  
  55. Inside sales call cost $50 while an outside sales call costs $308. [Source: PointClear]
  56. The optimum voicemail message length is 8 to 14 seconds. [Source: The Sales Hunter]
  57. After a positive experience, 83% of consumers feel comfortable to make a referral. [Source: Texas Tech University]
  58. Social selling tools used by sales rep result in 50% more likelihood of achieving or exceeding sales quotas. [Source: Liz Gelb-O’Connor]
  59. 40% of mobiles are first opened on mobile phones – and the average mobile screen fits just 4 to 7 words. [Source: ContactMonkey]
  60. Companies who use a dynamic and adaptable sales and marketing strategy generate 10% more on-quota sales people. [Source: CSO Insights]
  61. Click through rates improve 14% and conversion rates by 10% when companies used personalized email. [Source: Aberdeen Group]
  62. After one follow-up phone call, 44% of sales people give up. [Source: Scripted]
  63. The tone is worth 86% of our communication via the phone, while the words used are just 14%. [Source: ContactPoint]
  64. Wednesday and Thursday 6:45 to 9 AM and 4 to 6 PM are the best days to call. [Source: RingDNA]
  65. Of qualified leads, 50% are not yet ready to buy. [Source: Gleanster Research]
  66. Up to 65% of a new company’s business is a product of referrals. [Source: New York Times]
  67. 63% of the people who request information will not purchase for at least three months. 20% may take more than twelve months. [Source: Marketing Donut]
  68. Inside sales are fueling 46% of high growth in tech companies. [Source: Harvard Business Review]
  69. 56% of B2B companies will verify business leads before turning them over to sales. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  70. Sales and marketing which is strong in a company can result in 36% greater customer retention. [Source: MarketingProfs]
  71. Five follow-up phone calls are required after meeting in 80% of sales. [Source: The Marketing Donut]

  72. 68% of B2B companies use their landing pages to generate new sales leads. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  73. 73% of salespeople who use social selling outperform those who do not 23% of the time. [Source: Aberdeen]
  74. 8 AM and 3 PM are the best times to email prospects. [Source: GetResponse]
  75. Half of sales time is wasted on non-productive prospecting. [Source: The B2B Lead]
  76. Cold calls are best made between 4 and 5 PM. The second best time for cold calls is 8 to 10 AM. Avoid 11 AM and 2 PM. [Source: InsideSales]
  77. Customers say they would give referrals 91% of the time, although sales people only ask for referrals 11% of the time.  [Source: Dale Carnegie]
  78. 90% of first time voicemails are unreturned, while 80% of calls will go to voicemail.  [Source: RingLead]
  79. Content marketers are forgetting sales enabling up to 76% of the time. [Source: Hubspot]
  80. 38% of CMOS view aligning and integrating sales and marketing as a top priority. [Source: CMO Council]
  81. Sales processes which are enforced and automated generate 88% of their quota.  [Source: Velocify]
  82. Companies with well-designed sales and marketing teams are 67% better at making sales. [Source: Marketo]
  83. B2B companies with well-designed marketing and sales operations gain 24% faster revenue growth over three years as well as 27% faster three-year profit growth. [Source: SiriusDecisions]
  84. Just 44% of companies utilize a lead scoring system. [Source: DecisionTree]
  85. Email marketing is 2 times higher in ROI than networking, cold calls, or even trade shows. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  86. 15% of a sales rep’s time is taken up with leaving voicemails.  [Source: RingLead]
  87. Voicemail response rate is usually around 4.8%. [Source: InsideSales]

  88. Referred customers will spend 13.2% more than non-referred customers. [Source: Journal of Marketing]
  89. For 100% higher lead to close rate over outbound marketing, use social media. [Source: Hubspot]
  90. Top salespeople use Linkedin at least six hours every week. [Source: The Sales Management Association]
  91. 57% of a buyer’s journey is finished before reaching the point of talking to salespeople. [Source: Corporate Executive Board]
  92. After consuming content from a brand, 68% of consumers feel more positive about the brand. [Source: iMedia Connection]
  93. Wasted marketing dollars and lost sales productivity cost companies in excess of $1 trillion dollars per year. [Source: The B2B Lead]
  94. When sales couldn’t find or use internal resources, 88% of missed opportunities occurred. [Source: Qvidian]
  95. Sales and marketing working in sync can increase revenue growth by up to three times. [Source: Bulldog Solutions]
  96. 85% of customers will manage their interactions with a company and never interact with a human by the year 2020. [Source: Gartner]
  97. 86% of B2B buyers use mobile devices to access business content. [Source: Genwi]
  98. Almost 57% of B2B prospects and customers agree that their sales teams are not ready for the first meeting. [Source: IDC]
  99. 46% of marketers who have mature lead generation and management policies see a 9.3% higher sales quota success rate. [Source: CSO Insights]
  100. Of marketers with a mature lead management policy, 46% also have sales teams which follow up on more than three-quarters of their marketing generated leads. [Source: Forrester Research]


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