Increase Voicemail Response Rates with Email – 5 tools to find any email address

A study by RingLead found that 90% of first time voicemails never get returned. In another study by InsideSales, they found that the average response rate for a voicemail is only 4.8%. With this in mind, you should always make sure to follow the voicemail up with an email. This prompts the prospect to check their voicemail or reply to your email. But what if you don’t have your prospect’s email address?

If you don’t know your prospect’s email address and don’t know how to obtain it, there are many tools that will help make the job easier for you. No more hunting down your prospect’s social media profiles or scouring their website for contact information. Utilize these tools and you’ll get the email address you’re looking for in a jiffy!


Slik is an email finding tool that helps you find email addresses in a matter of seconds. It’s simple to use and will save you time. With the help of more than 120 unique data sources, you can find your prospect’s contact information right away. The tool will also verify whether the email address is deliverable or not.


Rapportive lets you know everything about your prospect without having to leave your Gmail inbox. Reach out to your prospect and tailor your message based on the information you acquire such as their job, company, location and shared connections. Once you install Rapportive, Gmail ads are automatically out of the picture. All you will see is valuable information about the prospect you’re emailing. Here’s a video how to use Rapportive to find anyone’s email address.


Increase your email response rate with a tool like Connectifier. It’s mainly used to connect recruiters with prospective job candidates but as a salesperson, you can use it too to collect emails from prospects and access their profile information. If you’d like to narrow down your search, Connectifier has search criteria options which lets you filter results based on keywords, location, degree, and more.

Email Hunter

Another great tool which lets you collect email address quickly is Email Hunter. Simply provide the domain name, and you automatically get a list of email addresses associated with it. You also get other helpful information like the prospect’s name, title, phone number, and social media profiles. To save you time, the tool lets you verify whether the email is deliverable. This prevents you from sending follow-ups to email addresses that don’t work in the first place.


Clearbit is a Chrome Extension for Gmail. This tool allows you to find your prospect’s email address right from Gmail and is accurate 97% of the time. Find the email address by typing in the prospect’s company name with their first name or job title. Once the address is found, you can begin typing an email with just one click.


Uplead is an easy to use prospecting tool that helps you find all contact information including email addresses. We’ve used it internally and it helped us find Elon Musk’s email address and contact info. It’s a tool you should check out along with the others on this post.


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  1. the one tool that I can’t live without is Rapportive — use it to verify the emails.

    Clearbit is a familiar tool for me, but Slik is very new to me. Good thing I stumble upon this article.

    I found this other tool, which helps me find emails through LinkedIn pages and Googlesheets. You might wanna review it.


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