Creatively finding free sales leads online is becoming increasingly simple with the help of the internet. Many salespeople are unaware that they can find hot sales leads outside of social media by using other search sources and methods, which means you can beat your competition to these leads.

Statistics show that only 3% of buyers in your potential sales market are active at any given time. These stats also tell us that 57% of that market is not ready to buy and 40% is ready to begin the buying process. To discover the people who make up that 3% of the market, and begin working with hot sales leads, you will need to ask yourself how your potential customer searches for your products or services. Then you’ll be able to identify their buying signals, such as:

  • Searching the internet for your products or services
  • Asking their friends and family if they can refer a product or service provider

In this video, Andrew Bermudez, Co-Founder and CEO of Digsy AI, discusses these statistics and the best ways to creatively find free sales leads online. If you are in commercial real estate, Andrew recommends searching for larger companies who may be searching for a larger office space. His methods include looking online for companies that:

  • Are raising money to grow their business
  • Have published a recent Press Release
  • Are hiring on a hiring spree for new employees

Check out the full video for more tips to find free sales leads.

Free Sales Leads - How to Find Them Online


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