Job boards can be an excellent way of finding new Commercial Real Estate leads online. As companies grow and hire more staff, they will need to expand their operations. This includes moving to a larger building. Here lies your perfect chance to follow a company’s growth and be ready to help them as they make their transition to a new property.

There are lots of job boards to choose from. Some of the major sites include Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder. These sites work in similar ways. They have functions for searching by location, type of company, and the kind of jobs they are hiring for at any given time. You can go to the site and search for jobs by your local city or suburb. Some sites will send you email updates with specific parameters with just any email address. Other sites may require you to first sign up and create a profile to receive updates.

Keywords you could use to search include names of known local companies, job descriptions, or specific job titles. If you have a commercial industrial building, for instance, you might look for a manufacturing company that is looking to expand its workforce. If you have a list of professional offices, a related company search might be something like accounting or sales.

When job listings are searched, they also search the body text. Because of this, the computer is likely to pick out the words you have listed and direct you to the appropriate companies. Other searches and email functions allow you to get lists of the latest jobs. They will also show you jobs and companies recommended by your keywords. Job boards can help you find prospective Commercial Real Estate leads online without a lot of difficulties. It also allows you to keep an eye on companies you may want to work with in the future.

To keep an eye on these companies and jobs without having to constantly search, you can set up a Google Alert. Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in, or if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can just fill out the Google Alert form.
  3. Enter the search terms you want the Google Alert to track, separated by commas. You can edit this later.
    — Try: names of known local companies, job descriptions, or specific job titles
  4. Choose the Type of results you want from Google Alerts. You can choose from:
    — News
    — Blogs
    — Video
    — Discussions
    — Books
    — Everything (so you can track it all)
  5. Choose how often you’d like to receive your Google Alerts.
  6. Choose which results you want. You can receive “only the best results” or “everything”.
  7. Choose where you would like the Google Alerts delivered. If you have a Gmail account, you can receive them directly to that Gmail. You can also receive them via RSS or another e-mail account.
  8. Click the Create Alert button and you’re done! You’ll now receive an alert right to your email that will let you know that your local companies are hiring and will likely need commercial space soon.


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