Using a customer relationship manager, or CRM, is a part of daily life for most salespeople. These systems can help you to track sales, keep in touch with your customers and stay organized in general. However, many salespeople find CRM systems kill their productivity due to time-consuming data-entry and sales processes being too laborious. One of the first of these issues that a user may come across is creating and adding CRM contacts without data-entry to quickly begin their selling work.

With Digsy AI, you can create and add your prospect/customer contact data instantly from your email, contacts database — all at the click of a button.


After signing up for your 14-day Free Trial, you will see the screen below, where you will connect Digsy AI to your email.

CRM Contacts without Data-Entry

Why should you connect your email?

  • You’ll never have to manually create a contact or log an email to a prospect ever again. Digsy AI does the data entry for you in the background and lets you pick up every conversation exactly where you left off.
  • You’ll have the ability to create personalized email templates and send with just a couple clicks within the app

Once your email is connected, your contacts will auto-populate so you can decide which contacts to add to your Prospect Inbox in Digsy AI.

Just click the Import Contacts in the upper right-hand corner to upload your CRM contacts without data-entry, and your prospect contacts will show up in your Inbox!

That’s it! You can now easily move your prospects through the stages of becoming your customer, follow up quickly and easily directly in the app, and get your weekly sales metrics directly to your email inbox.

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About Digsy AI

Digsy AI is a Smart Commercial Real Estate CRM that helps you make more money in less time.

With Digsy AI you interact with CRM contacts, email, phone & property data from one central place –

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