How much time and effort is your sales team wasting each and every day?

On average, a team of 50 sales reps leaves 1,277 hours of voicemail every month. That comes out to around 15% of each salesperson’s time being spent simply leaving voicemails for prospects with an average response rate of only 4.8%.

There is one surefire way to get your sales team to exceed their sales goals and have a sales strategy in place that works:

Follow-ups! It seems simple and obvious, but are all of your sales reps doing it?

44% of the sales force only calls a prospect once and then gives up. Only 10% of all salespeople make 5 or more contacts with the same prospect. The reality is that 80% of all sales occur between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect. This means your sales team could be making a lot more sales if they use these stats to their advantage.

Check out this video from Digsy AI’s CEO and Co-founder, Andrew Bermudez, about how following up with prospects can improve a salesperson’s sales performance by 40 times!

Follow-ups don’t have to be voicemails, however. They could be an email or even a text message. Just be sure time isn’t being wasted on voicemails and those voicemails are being leveraged as one of 5 to 12 contacts with a prospect to get the sale.

Here are a few articles to show your sales team the importance of following up with their prospects, and tips on how to beat their goals:

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  • If your team has 50 sales reps, their average monthly voicemails will total 1,277 hours. [Source: RingDNA]
  • 15% of every sales reps’ time simply leaving voicemails.   [Source: RingLead]
  • The average voicemail response rate is 4.8%.   [Source: InsideSales]
  • After one follow-up phone call, 44% of sales people give up. [Source: Scripted]
  • Five follow-up phone calls are required after meeting in 80% of sales. [Source: The Marketing Donut]


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