Forrester Research says that a lack of user adoption is the reason behind 70% of CRM projects that fail. The Merkle Group, Inc. found that 65% of CRMs fail according to the executives whom they surveyed. It is no wonder that there can be a lack of adoption and a reluctance to launch CRM initiatives. Why would you try a new CRM implementation for your sales team if there is a high chance that they won’t use it effectively?

Consider the main reasons that CRM implementation fails, and you will be able to decide on a CRM system that is adopted successfully by your sales associates.

The CRM Should Have Clear Goals

Your primary question when choosing CRM software should be ‘what problem do I want to solve with the CRM?’. Your answer, or answers, can clarify short and longer term goals for your sales team as a whole. CRM software can be powerful, but with too many features, it can lead to a lack of team focus. With a clear focus and measurable goals, your sales team will excel.

The CRM Should Work for You, the User

Your CRM is designed to automate and make sales tasks easier for your team. If you do not consult your team, you will not be able to choose an effective CRM system to implement. Start asking for input as soon as you start researching CRM systems, and get your sales team personally invested in its adoption success or failure from the beginning. The worst scenario is having your team disengaged from system. Providing a platform for input also helps your sales team’s peers to become involved, so make sure all departments which need to have a say (anyone who is going to use your CRM) are informed and able to provide feedback.

Automate As Much Data-Entry for Your Sales Team as Possible

As mentioned before, your CRM should automate for your sales team to make tasks easier. The CRM you choose should automatically track phone calls and emails without bcc. Your sales team shouldn’t have to spend extra time entering each activity they do, and as the sales leader, your CRM should help with real-time analytics of your sales team’s pipeline to help discover best sales practices to help your team effectively book more meetings and close more deals.

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Garner Involvement from Executives Responsible for The CRM’s Funding

The higher up management executives who have allotted the funds and training time toward implementing a CRM should also be involved in it. Having your Executives engaged in the CRM fosters a sense of team spirit which money can’t buy. The Executives who have made it possible to obtain a CRM should also be the ones who have the vision for what a CRM can help the company to achieve. Their ongoing support, direction, and guidance are critical to making any CRM implementation a success.

Obtain Accurate Data

If you have ever heard the term “dirty data” you will know how important reliable data is. Dirty data is duplicate, incomplete, or non-factual data. Experian conducted a study showing that most US companies believe as much as 25% of their data is faulty. Your users need to trust the information and data in your CRM. Otherwise, they have significantly less stake in making sure their own information is entered correctly. Poor quality data begins a downward spiral of bad customer service, flawed revenue forecasts, and inaccurate or flawed decisions.

Top down, all involved in entering data into your CRM database need to be mindful of what they input and take care of data they review to ensure its accuracy. There are a number of best practices which can be implemented which make data more accurate and its entry simplified.


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