Cold calling and cold emailing can be among the most daunting tasks your sales force will undertake. While statistics show that repeated cold calling and cold emailing often gets results, most attempts at contact do not get a response. But sales research shows that 80% of sales are made after contacting a prospect 5-8 times. So it’s important to make calling and emailing as efficient as possible. The menial nature of attempting to make contact can often be mitigated by using cold calling software. Let the software help your staff to keep track of whom they have called and emailed, how often, and the results. This is good for tracking the performance of your sales staff as well.

Here are 7 top cold calling software programs which can really ease the task faced by your sales team.

My Phoner

The software is cloud-based which means you will be able to access it almost anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It provides a real-time feed tracking your calls along with a quick search option so that you can find what you need quickly. Contact duplicates are easy to delete, and activity reports include details to measure and compare agents. Email templates are another bonus feature so that sending email is quicker and easier.

Vanilla Soft

This software is web-based and features a real-time call activity dashboard in addition to auto-dialing and one-click pre-recorded voice drop. The software claims to be easy enough to learn in just fifteen minutes which could be a time saver. It provides Intelligent call recording, automatic email templates, and branch call scripting.


Zoho is easy to customize cloud-based software which is also compatible with EverNote, WordPress, Google Apps and MailChimp to make automating your strategies easier. Additionally, Zoho offers features to track social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in real time so that you can see your prospect’s and customer’s activities as they happen.


Pipedrive categorizes your deals according to what sales stage they are in. You can customize features and add team members as you build a sales team. Pipedrive has a function to turn off the features which you do not need in order to keep distractions to a minimum.  Additionally, the software has advanced sales statistics which you can search and view, and in a drop and drag interface.


CallRail allows you to use call transcripts, machine learning, and call metadata to analyze what works and what does not in your sales team. It has a feature called CallScore which scores each phone call and does not require you to listen to any recordings. Calls can be analyzed by data such as page, keyword, day, source and more. CallRail also allows for export of documents to assist with your own analysis and reporting.


CallFire is an automated dialing software program which offers the additional features of integrated technology and selective connections. For instance, you can dial several numbers at once but the software will only connect when a live person answers. Integrations with CallFire’s existing Call Center API provides your team with advanced sales call tracking. Additionally, it can be used to notify customers about upcoming bill dates or past due notices. 

Digsy AI

A sales platform that helps eliminate up to 95% of data-entry and communications tracking for sales teams so they can convert more prospects into deals. Data entry becomes a thing of the past with automatic contact uploads and human-powered transcription of business cards.  All email communications automatically sync to the platform. Follow-ups are made easier with email templates. Digsy AI automatically logs sales calls to prospects regardless of the device or telecom service you are using. Sales managers and leaders get a real-time view of sales activity and insights to help their sales teams close more deals and reach their sales goals. 


I started using Digsy AI last month after using and HubSpot CRM for my brokerage business. It was like turning on a light in a dark room. The daily follow up reminders make broker omission errors a thing of the past. I’ve had a successful business for 30 years, and I can see an even brighter future partnering with Digsy AI.”

– David Perlmutter, President & Founder, Perlmutter Properties, Inc.

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