All salespeople and commercial real estate brokers know that follow ups are an essential part of the sales process in any industry. Follow-up leads to more commissions. But sometimes it can be difficult to remember when to follow-up with prospects. Especially when 80% of sales happen after you follow-up 5-12 times with a prospect and have so many other things to get done every day.

With Digsy AI, it’s easy to schedule follow ups, get sales follow-up reminders and follow-up with a few taps/clicks. Digsy AI sends you a daily email with your scheduled follow-up tasks for the day and crush those follow-up calls and emails with just a few taps/clicks. Digsy AI will even record the follow-up data to your account automatically so can save hundreds of hours and always know where you left off with any prospect.

How do sales follow-up reminders work?

Click the video below for a quick demo from our CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Bermudez.

Digsy AI Email Template Mobile

Here is a sample email follow-up reminder. As a Digsy AI subscriber, you will receive this email every day that you have a follow-up task scheduled.

Digsy AI Email Reminder Email

To follow-up easily and efficiently within the app, you can use our email templates feature, as shown below, or use the auto-dial and call logging feature. With call logging, you can speed-dial a call directly from your mobile or landline through Digsy AI using your own phone number. The app will automatically log the call and its outcome!

Email Templates:

Step 1: Open the Follow-Ups page by clicking your follow-ups in the upper-right corner of the Prospects Dashboard or by clicking on the link in the Follow-Up Reminder email Digsy AI sends you in the morning.

email templates step 1

Step 2: Select “Send Follow Up” button for the prospect you’d like to follow up with.

email templates step 2

NOTE: This will auto-populate an email template that you have pre-selected in your Digsy AI settings. You can add new templates, modify them at any time and select a default for follow-ups to make it very quick and easy.

email templates note

Step 3: Send your follow-up!

email templates step 3

Step 4: Set a new follow-up date for the prospect so you won’t forget!

email templates step 4


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