Nothing is garners the same level of loathing among commercial real estate brokers as the infamous cold call.  A broker’s hatred for making cold calls is so pure that the only thing deserving of more hate is receiving a cold call.  But, unless you replaced your front door with beads because clients keep beating it down, you’ll probably need to make cold calls at some point.  We all wish there were some magical cold calling tricks to make the whole experience better.

Luckily, there’s a well-guarded secret about cold calling: the call will be as good as you are.  If you’re unprepared and uninspired, your calls will suffer accordingly.  However, your calls will drastically improve if you’re enthusiastic and ready.  With the right tools, you can learn how to become a stone cold caller.  

So, here are some cold calling tricks to help bring you the clients you need.

Be your #1 fan

How did pet rocks and Tickle-me Elmos take the world by storm?  Through pure, unadulterated enthusiasm, that’s how.  Now, an appeal to excitement may not hold up in court but it’ll sell a metric ton of fidget spinners.  So, when you are on the phone, you must transmit your undeniable confidence in your own services. The prospect should never have any doubts about who is the best in the business.  And even if you’re new and lack experience, you can always guarantee that you’ll outwork and outgrind anybody else in your industry.

Side note: The key here is confidence, not arrogance.  Do not call a prospect to talk about yourself.  And especially, do not call a prospect to talk about others (e.g.. insulting your competitors).

Be a know-it-all

Before you ever dial a single digit, you need to feel confident – you’re the expert and are a reliable source of knowledge.  Make sure to know your services like the back of your hand.  This ensures that technical questions won’t catch you off guard.  Also, know your script or bullet points from memory.  No two calls are exactly alike and your script will be your bumper rails when the conversation is deviating

Additionally, you should also know as much as possible about your prospect.  Learn about their business and their industry to see how you can specifically benefit the prospect.  If your focus is on benefits, prospects should have to reject the benefits in order to reject your assistance. This concept helps to reframe the inevitable “no” that even the world’s best cold callers will encounter.

Be Organized

Organization is critical for successful cold calling.  You’re calling strangers who you know nothing about.  Staying organized will allow you to keep track of all the new bits of information that are gathered with each call.  Luckily, there are tools that help you organize and categorize your prospects, keep records of your calls, send template messages, and remind you to follow up with prospects.  

Cold calling can be significantly more efficient and easy when done through a great CRM platform instead of shuffling through mountains of post-its and notebooks.  Saving you time is one of the most fundamental functions of any tool; if it doesn’t save you time, it’s not working right.  Get your hands on a great commercial real estate CRM to see your productivity and cold calling experience hit new heights.

Be Persistent

Persistence is the Alpha and Omega of cold calling tricks. Over 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact with each prospect.  No matter how skilled you are on the phone, you’ll never achieve the results you desire if you start waving a white flag at the first sign of resistance.  View each “no” as a dumbbell to make you stronger instead of a weight around your neck.  

Now, a word of warning: persistence and stubbornness may be related, but they are not twins.  Don’t reduce your call to an argument and don’t get pushy when a prospect will not benefit from your services.  Always maintain the utmost respect for your prospect and they’ll likely return the favor.


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