There’s been a big debate about whether cold calling is dead in commercial real estate.  Naysayers believe that cold calling is an inefficient and fruitless commercial real estate  tactic.  

We wholeheartedly agree…. but, only if cold calling is done incorrectly.  

Therein lies the rub with any difficult task in life.  Diet and exercise plans could be considered useless since most people who do them don’t maintain the weight loss.  

But, if done correctly and consistently, diets, exercise, and cold calling can all be dramatically effective.  

So, the path to success starts by reorienting your perspective and approaching cold calling like an exercise plan.  You’ll only get the results you desire if you stick to the fundamentals.  

Don’t get distracted by the people doing backflips and handstand pushups in the corner.  Just pick up your metaphorical dumbbell and start curling.

Here are the best cold calling tips to improve your sales performance.


The most important aspect of cold calling is also the most ignored.  All of us have had uninterested, monotone telemarketers struggle to read their lifeless scripts.  There’s no humanity in the call and as such, we reject it.

The problem is that most callers have only ever heard bad cold callers.  Sadly, they end up imitating the only tone they’ve ever heard.  

So, to break out of the bad tone cycle, you must speak to prospects like if they were standing in front of you.  Nod your head, wave your hands, lean forward when you’re making a definitive claim.  

All of these things help you to speak more naturally without having to force it. If you can imagine the prospect sitting across from you, the prospect will hear it in your voice.  But, none of this will help if the prospect only pictures a mouse on the phone.  

This is why the final aspect of good tonality is to sound smart, quick, and assertive.  You should sound like the foremost expert in your field on your way to a lecture in 5 minutes.  

Even if you had time to waste, you don’t need to because you already know the answer.  All of your questions and answers should be direct and concise.  This shows that you are conscious of your time as well as the prospect’s time.

Practice and rehearse your tone so that it becomes your natural way of speaking.  Also, record yourself practicing and during actual sales calls to listen for possible areas of improvement.


Do your homework

Even if you’ve mastered your tonality, don’t start making cold calls just yet.  First you should do your research on your prospects and their businesses so that you don’t have to pretend to be an expert, you’ll actually be one.  

Study trends and changes in their industries and how they may affect the bottom lines of your prospects.  Stay up to date on laws and regulations that may bring adverse effects.  This works to provide you with credibility, as well as a functional reason to call. Rather than being an obnoxious salesperson, approach the call as a guide.     

Also, browse online platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to see if you have any acquaintances in common. There may be people that can provide you with a referral or a warmer introduction than a traditional cold call.  

You should be striving to find some common ground as quickly as possible so that you can orient the conversation toward your prospect and their needs.


The 4 P’s

The hugely popular sales trainer, Grant Cardone, emphasizes that top producers and market leaders all are characterized by these 4 P’s.  You should always be Polite, Professional, Positive, and Persistent.   If you fail at any of these attributes, you’ll only be reinforcing the undesirable image of cold callers and telemarketers.   

It’s crucial to understand that not everyone will require your services.  Even if you have the best product in the world, it’s not for everyone.  

You should only be striving for glowing reviews and that can only happen if your customers are the right match for your services.  

If you speak with prospects who do not match the criteria of a good client, be polite, professional, and positive in recommending them to a competitor, or advising more time to develop into your ideal client.


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