Join this free webinar3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Producers, with the  Massimo Group and Digsy AI. They’ll be giving you live commercial real estate coaching that’ll help refine your sales technique and transform your business. This is an exclusive webinar, so make sure to register below!

3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Producers [Live CRE Coaching]

Thursday, May 17th at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST)

Commercial Real Estate coaching with Digsy AI & The Massimo Group

If you didn’t want to be the best, you would’ve already switched careers by now.

But, you won’t become the best just because you want it.  You need guidance and mentorship to give you that final push to the top.

The top producers received quality commercial real estate coaching and training to get to where they are.  Luckily for you, these world-class mentors are willing to disclose the 3 things top producers all share in common that make them market leaders.  

At our exclusive, commercial real estate training on May 17th @ 12:00 AM PST, the nation’s top CRE trainers will teach you how to match and surpass the top producers in your market.  

Learn from the industry’s leading coaches, Rod Santomassimo, Bo Barron, and Andrew Bermudez, as they show you the 3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Producers.

No other source will give you more experience and expertise specifically focused on commercial real estate training.  This session could be the defining moment in your career.

Don’t miss out.  We’ll see you there.

Commercial Real Estate coaching with Digsy AI & The Massimo Group

Thursday, May 17th at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST)



Commercial real estate coaching

Rod Santomassimo – Founder and President of the Massimo Group, the premier commercial real estate brokerage coaching and consulting organization in the North America. He is a popular speaker at regional and national conferences.   He is also the author of Brokers Who Dominate, Amazon’s #1 best selling Commercial Real Estate book.


commercial real estate coaching

Bo Barron – COO of the Massimo Group.  He is a Commercial Real Estate coach, speaker, blogger, product launch expert, social media strategist, CRE syndicator, and a consultant to start-ups.  Prior to working with Massimo Group, he spent 10 years as a broker, owner, and corporate executive of a national CRE firm.


commercial real estate coaching

Andrew Bermudez – CEO and Co-founder of Digsy AI.  He is a former Senior Vice President & Partner with 12 years of experience at Lee & Associates.  He’s used his interactions with users to continue his mentorship and coaching of CRE brokers.  His Digsy AI blog, webinars, and exclusive commercial real estate coaching sessions have helped thousands of brokers across the country.


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Commercial Real Estate Coaching


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