This post was written by  SharpLaunch  

We all know that your ability to generate leads is key for growing your sales pipeline and a leading indicator for closing deals.

Whether for a lease-up effort or investment sales, if your sales pipeline is weak then there is only one thing to do… generate more leads for your property.

What if you’ve tapped out your existing network? Run out of ideas? Then consider leveraging online channels to start uncovering new opportunities.

Here is a 4-step process to leverage online marketing to increase your property lead generation:

  1. Set up a strong digital presence

First and foremost, the effectiveness of converting new leads hinges on the strength of your online presence. The best way to setup a strong foundation for your property is by creating a powerful website that is effective at capturing, engaging and converting visitors.

Your website serves as a central “hub” for all of your marketing efforts (email, social media, paid campaigns, etc.) and will be working for you around the clock, 24/7.


  1. Relentless promotion

Once you have your website setup, you need to relentlessly capture the attention of your prospects across multiple online channels. Don’t just post on LoopNet and hope for the best. This is what separates top producers from the rest of the pack.

The top firms promote their properties across multiple CRE listings sites, send targeted email campaigns, push posts on LinkedIn, get busy on Twitter, launch Google AdWords campaigns, get press mentions, contact trade journals and much more. Generally, an increase of overall marketing activities in multiple channels (both online and offline) will result in a “multiplier effect” and will help you generate leads more effectively. Spread yourself wide.


  1. Track and measure results

One of the key advantages to online marketing is that you can track and measure the results of your activity at a very granular level. With tools like Google Analytics, it’s possible to know what marketing activities are driving the most visitors, the most leads, and the potential economic value of each of your channels.

This is important because it provides a quantitative and analytical approach so you can make decisions based on hard numbers and ROI. Every market and every property is different, so find out what activities are most effective for generating leads for you.


  1. Continuous optimization

All of the above can be tweaked and improved. This is an ongoing process where optimization of each of the components (your digital presence, promotional activities, tracking results) can together have a massive impact.

Don’t get comfortable and simply set this up and forget about it. If you want to achieve drastically better results, it requires persistence, commitment and ongoing improvement. Stick with it and reap the results.

This post was written by SharpLaunch