Month: March 2017

CRE Sales Strategy: Boost your Close Rate in 5 Minutes

Today’s lead follow-up is more competitive than ever between brokers and agents trying to get the same clients. Potential clients are searching for properties online and want instant gratification. First impressions made on the telephone will make a big difference in whether or not you close the deal with that lead. A difference of a few minutes can make or break a deal with your new client. Chances are, they’re on the phone with some other brokers right now, while you’re thinking about calling them back.

A study by Lead Response Management examined data over three years that included 15,000 leads and over 100,000 call attempts.  The data from this study showed some important information about effective lead follow-up.   Continue reading

Webinars: Marketing Strategy Gold to help Close More Deals (Video)

Andrew Bermudez, CEO and Co-Founder of Digsy AI talks with Costin Tuculescu, CEO and Founder of AnyMeeting, about exploring different marketing strategies to generate more leads. The main strategy they discuss – hosting webinars!

In this video, Andrew mentions how valuable webinars have been for Digsy AI’s marketing strategy. By hosting webinars, you can amplify an audience, which attracts and produces more leads to your business. As a result, your business closes more deals. Who doesn’t want that?

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What the Top 1% of Your Salesforce Has in Common – Interview with Scott Ingram (Video)

Scott Ingram

Curious to know the daily habits of the top 1% of your salesforce, and how you can emulate them to improve your own numbers? In this video Andrew Bermudez, CEO and Co-Founder of Digsy and Digsy AI, interviews Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories podcast.

In this interview, Scott discusses common daily habits among the top 1% of Sales Performers, as well as their roles within sales and marketing teams. Mr. Ingram recommends sales training books to read, as well as up and coming sales tools and technologies that you should be using.

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