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Meeting Request Email Trick for 30% More Sales Appointments

Salespeople know that getting the first meeting with a prospect is a tall order, but a very important step toward ultimately closing a deal. Most business executives are bombarded with social media, calls, and meeting request emails. How can you effectively get over this barrier and get the attention of a prospect for that crucial initial meeting?

Let’s look at a method successfully applied by Jennifer Linker, a top Business Development Associate at Vision Critical that gives her a third of her meetings!

What’s her secret source?

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How to Generate Sales Leads Without Cold Calling [Video]

It can be a tough task to generate sales leads that are a good fit for your business, especially without cold calling. You’re probably out of the referrals from your friends and family, and it’s time to find another source of leads. Where can you find leads tailored to your business? What options are available to you? And how do you know if these leads are actually looking for your products or services?

207 million people in the United States use social media sites, so of course, it should be an integral part of your marketing and sales strategy. Besides just posting to social media so prospective buyers can find you, you should also be actively searching for those leads who are already searching for your products or services. If you aren’t very familiar with social media, it can seem a bit intimidating to begin your search. Where do you start? And what do you search for to generate sales leads?

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How to Nurture Your Leads and Increase Sales by 20% [Video]

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is not nurturing their leads. Believe it or not, nurturing your sales leads increases your sales by 20%. What does nurturing mean, and how can you increase sales by nurturing your leads?

Nurturing your leads is all about following up with your sales leads. Over 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect, and only 10% of all salespeople achieve these 5 or more contacts.

With this information, we can deduce that follow-ups are very important to your sales process. This seems pretty basic, but it takes a lot of time to make multiple calls and type up several emails every day.

To save you from the headache of typing of separate emails to each of the leads you’re nurturing, here are a couple ways to save easy, personal templates to send follow-up emails quickly and efficiently.

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How to Create Hundreds of CRM Contacts Without Data-Entry

Using a customer relationship manager, or CRM, is a part of daily life for most salespeople. These systems can help you to track sales, keep in touch with your customers and stay organized in general. However, many salespeople find CRM systems kill their productivity due to time-consuming data-entry and sales processes being too laborious. One of the first of these issues that a user may come across is creating and adding CRM contacts without data-entry to quickly begin their selling work.

With Digsy AI, you can create and add your prospect/customer contact data instantly from your email, contacts database — all at the click of a button.


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5 Habits Sales Reps Use to Crush Cold Calls & Improve Sales

5 Habits Sales Reps use to crush it in sales? Why should we talk about this?

Success in sales is determined by many factors. Successful sales reps are a vital part of any company’s growth and prosperity. Good sales reps are invaluable in keeping a company stable and prosperous.

It is hard work to be a sales rep, however, and only 10% of all salespeople make 5 or more contacts with the same prospect. The reality is that 80% of all sales occur between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect. Successful sales reps follow certain habits in order to achieve the results they desire. So, it’s important for anyone in sales to know the common habits sales reps use to get and stay at the top of their game — so they can achieve the same.

Here are the top five habits sales reps use to improve their sales performance:

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Hacking Referrals to Increase Sales Close Rate by 4x

How do you increase sales close rate by 4x? How do you find your next big deal?

Finding your next big deal can be difficult, but it’s nothing compared to winning that deal over your many qualified competitors. Did you know that customers who are referrals are 4 times more likely to buy from you? In fact, over 84% of B2B decision makers start their large purchases with a referral.

Sales in advisory type industries, such as real estate and financial planning, require building trust well in advance of a sale. You could use the tried and true method of 5 to 12 calls to a prospect to build that trust, or you could use referrals to accelerate trust between you and your leads. Here’s how you can hack referrals together to increase sales close rate by 4x:

Increasing sales close rate 101: Hack together a referral from someone who can genuinely refer you to your sales prospect.

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Double Close Rate of Sales for Your Product or Service [3min Video]

The most important thing to remember when trying to double close rate for the sale of your product or service is that people are more likely to buy something that solves a problem they have versus something that gains them something. In fact, 70% of people buy a product or service because they have a problem that you can solve. Whereas, only 30% will buy to gain something or receive a benefit.

In this video, Andrew Bermudez, Co-Founder and CEO of Digsy AI, discusses these statistics and how they can help you to sell effectively.

How do you double close rate for your product or service while solving your prospect’s problem?

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How to Follow-Up with 12 Prospects in Under 60 Seconds

Any salesperson with many prospects in their sales funnel knows following up with each of them is very important. However, following up can take a lot of time. Efficient follow-ups are extremely important given the fact that over 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect. Because to follow-up with prospects is hard work, only 10% of all salespeople achieve to touch them over 5 or more contacts. Following up can not only take a lot of time but substantially lower your daily productivity in other areas.

How can you follow up with dozens of prospects in less than 60 seconds and keep track of each email without data entry or remembering to bcc an email address?

Productivity is key — believe me, Digsy AI was co-founded by a productivity-obsessed sales leader. That’s why Digsy AI’s email templates feature was designed to help you follow-up with your prospects in no time.

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6 Cold Calling Tips to Successfully Close More Deals!

However difficult it may feel to start cold calling, it is still an effective method for increasing your sales and generating more word of mouth interest in your business or product. Successful cold calling tips help smaller businesses become bigger. To get over the anxiety about cold calling, plan your cold calls for success.

Start by finding the best times to call. Next, prepare a script for your cold call. Some people like to write it exactly as they want to say it while others are comfortable with point form notes. Important information to write down includes key points about the product or service that you are selling. Successful cold calling means knowing what you are talking about.

Here are a few tested and true tips for successful cold calling:

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How to Easily Get Sales Referrals to Big Customers [5min Video]

In the previous video, Finding Your Next Big Deal Using Your Network, Andrew Bermudez, CEO and Co-Founder of Digsy AI, shows how he identifies connections between himself and sales leads, then gets referred to them using his social network. In this video, he shows how to easily get sales referrals from these connections in order to close more deals!

Once you find the person within your social network who can connect you with the prospect, how do you ask them for a referral?

The two most effective means of communication are email and phone calls. In this case, you will want to use these two methods for different reasons.

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