However difficult it may feel to start cold calling, it is still an effective method for increasing your sales and generating more word of mouth interest in your business or product. Successful cold calling tips help smaller businesses become bigger. To get over the anxiety about cold calling, plan your cold calls for success.

Start by finding the best times to call. Next, prepare a script for your cold call. Some people like to write it exactly as they want to say it while others are comfortable with point form notes. Important information to write down includes key points about the product or service that you are selling. Successful cold calling means knowing what you are talking about.

Here are a few tested and true tips for successful cold calling:

  1. Prepare mentally for each call and make it personalized. Be focused on what you are selling and to whom you are pitching the idea of the sale. A successful cold calling voice is warm and slightly familiar rather than stiff or cold.
  2. Rehearse before you make a cold call. Try recording yourself using various scripts which you have prepared and use the mirror to talk to yourself as though you are on the phone making a cold call. Loosen up your facial muscles until you look relaxed because it will show in your voice if you are not. Now record yourself. Play it back and you can gain invaluable feedback regarding the call just by listening to your own voice. Think of ways to improve or clarify your delivery. Each cold call you make will help you become more confident and develop the technique which works for you. Now reverse your roles and use your imagination to pretend that you are a prospective customer.
  3. Record yourself pretending to call a store and ask if they have an item in stock. Playing this back will show you what your voice sounds like when you are a customer looking for information. Also known as the inquiry call, the technique can help you to convey a conversational tone where the prospect is helping you by listening and answering your questions.
  4. Your tone of voice is very important. You want to sound cool and calm, not embarrassed or nervous or scared, arrogant or hostile or rushed. A business-like tone is warm, curious, and straightforward. Asking a prospect a question as a lead into information about a product can help increase interest.
  5. Set goals for yourself. Decide how many calls you want to make over a time period. For instance, an hour or a day or a week. Your call length should not exceed three minutes for in-person calling, and shorter if you are leaving a voicemail message. For successful cold calling, shorter messages and calls are the most efficient use of your time. Just get to the point.
  6. Take breaks. You will do better with cold calls when you take regular breaks. For instance, a ten-minute break per hour or a five-minute break after you have completed a certain number of cold calls. Take a real break away from the computer to give your body a stretch and clear your mind. Cold calling is not easy, however, it is always worthwhile.


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