Social selling is a method used by salespeople to interact with their prospects via social media. This builds trust in the relationship with your prospect and, as the salesperson, allows you to provide valuable information and answer questions until your prospect is ready to buy their product or use their service. Over the past few years, many salespeople have adopted the practice of social selling. In fact, 73% of salespeople use this method daily.

How does social selling help them?

These salespeople are booking more appointments and improving sales performance by 23%!

Using social selling, you, as a salesperson yourself, are 70% more likely to book an appointment with a prospect! And you, too, can be exceeding your sales quotas by 23%!

What is the top Social Media platform for salespeople?

Top sales professionals spend six hours per week working on LinkedIn. Within LinkedIn, you should join LinkedIn Groups to find prospects and engage with them. Answer prospect’s questions and post useful information in your field to build trust and make sure they think of you when they decide they need your product or service.

In this video, Andrew Bermudez, Co-Founder and CEO of Digsy AI, explains these statistics and how to use social selling to obliterate your sales competition and exceed your sales quotas.

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