Top 8 Commercial Real Estate CRM Systems (2017)

Any commercial real estate broker can benefit from a CRM software solution that ensures a more efficiently run business. Commercial real estate CRM software manages interactions with clients, prospects, and tenants.

In the hands of a dedicated broker,  a CRM system is a powerful tool. It provides the ability to automate important components of the follow up process, efficiently manage your contacts and maximize opportunity by scoring leads. 

A good commercial real estate CRM leads to improved pipeline management, better collaboration, accountability, and back office management.

Based on their features, here is our list of the best CRMs for commercial real estate:


ClientLook is an all-in-one commercial real estate CRM that is optimized and highly customized. The software is able to manage a heavy integration of all three major components of a brokerage: deals, properties, and contacts. ClientLook also offers extensive API integration with RPR Commercial for REALTORS, MailChimp, CommercialGoogle, and TheAnalyst PRO. This CRM software provides flexibility and additional support for your legacy communication and system tools. Among ClientLook’s features are contact management, pipeline management, and property management.


Apto provides a web-based solution for managing back-office, deals, listings, properties, and customer relationships. One of the advantages of Apto is the fact that it is built on the popular platform. The system is also fully customized and optimized to be used in the commercial real estate industry. This allows you to manage the full lifecycle of a deal in the same interface. Among its features are included: appointment setting, automated tasks, renewal management, project management, collaboration, forecasting, and back office.


This commercial real estate CRM solution is built on the framework of both Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, providing a flexible solution for real estate brokers who also use one of these CRM systems. AscendixRE also allows customization and easy integration with your current systems. Ascendix comes with three different plans. The top tier provides advanced features of Microsoft Dynamics such as core contact management, dashboard management, social CRM, email integration, and many other features. The best AscendixRE plan for you depends on the way you interact with your data, as well as the size of your company.


This is another commercial real estate CRM option powered by It comes with prospect management support and full CRE database, reporting, analytics and deal pipeline features. The CRM software comes customized for commercial real estate companies. At the Enterprise level, this CRM solution comes with several additional features designed for large companies: contact management, CRE database, pipeline management, reporting and analytics tools, customized onboarding.

Real Hound

This is among the least expensive commercial real estate CRM option. However, despite its affordable price, Real Hound offers a combination of many of the same tools as its more expensive competitors. The CRM software allows for management of deals, contacts, and properties in a single interface. Real Hound is a good alternativeFor brokers who do not need more sophisticated CRM tools and smaller offices. This software is designed for accessibility and ease of use. It provides property management, easy linking, advanced search, and free on-boarding.

RealNex (formerly REA – Real Estate Assistant)

RealNex is considered to be among the most integrated and comprehensive on the market. This cloud and desktop based system allows users to track contacts, properties and deals. With RealNex, commercial real estate brokers get both the flexibility of a cloud system and the power of the desktop software. The RealNex tool, in fact, replaces the older version REA by adding the flexibility of the cloud to a number one rated system. This tool gives users the possibility to simplify their processes, to manage projects from end-to-end, and to close deals faster. Its core transaction manager streamlines communication between landlords, brokers and tenants, ensuring visibility into each transaction. RealNex allows users to instantly share information and consistently produce professional presentations.


Act! is one of the leading CRMs for commercial real estate professionals. This tool provides a wide range of industry-specific features, including property databases, CRE layouts, client linking and reporting.  This CRM integrates and interfaces with  Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Gmail.  Act! also provides different “dashboards” that allow brokers to track deals and identify new business opportunities for upselling existing clients.

Digsy AI

Digsy AI is a commercial real estate CRM that helps you intelligently grow your business without the complexity of  traditional CRM systems. Digsy AI has built-in email, telephony, business card transcription, mass email, data-entry & workflow automation — so you get all your communications & data in one easy-to-use commercial real estate CRM interface.  Digsy AI users save 10+ hours a week, do all their prospecting in less time, generate more clients and close more deals.

By consolidating contacts, emails, telecommunications, sales process and intelligence in one easy-to-use platform, you can work smarter and close more deals. Team leaders and sales managers also get real-time analytics on prospecting efforts for coaching and team development. Most importantly, it features team collaboration functions so you can work as a tightly-integrated team or as an individual. You can try Digsy AI free of charge here.


When choosing a CRM for your commercial real estate business, you have to take into consideration your specific needs. Your personal workflow and business particularities are important, including aspects such as: property database integration, marketing tools, accessibility, and technical support.


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  1. ClientLook also integrates with Xceligent and Buildout. Two VERY important features.

    • digsyaiteam

      July 6, 2017 at 11:12 am

      Hi Allen!

      Thank you so much for this addition. You’re right. This is very important to note!

  2. I find it interesting that CoStar Brokerage Applications (formerly REApplications) was not among those mentioned. Any particular reason? They have all of the same all of the same functionality as those mentioned, plus a few more features that I am aware of.

  3. Camille Musick

    July 7, 2017 at 10:31 am

    The cool thing about Ascendix is you can utilize them for more than their CRM platforms. For example, if you’re already using Salesforce you can increase the value of your solution with their “Search” app for Salesforce, Composer brochure tool or you can use their managed services team to improve or develop your CRM at a competitive rate. Even better, this CRM managed services team has extensive experience with CRE. Lots of options!

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