Commercial real estate brokers often find that getting in front of prospects is their number one problem. Agents and salespeople are typically better in person, but if the prospect won’t book a meeting or answer your calls, you’re stuck using phone and email. There has to be something better, right? Well, it turns out you can reach your prospects more effectively with video email.

What is video email? According to, by simply sending a video of yourself in an email to your prospect, you’ll quickly be on your way to gaining more commercial real estate deals. BombBomb users get 81% more replies from prospects, 68% more lead conversions and 56% of their users even get more referrals, just from sending quick videos within their emails!

Those are huge results from a short, less than 2-minute, video that you can shoot anywhere using your phone or laptop!

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Video email is quickly becoming the most powerful tool you have in your marketing arsenal.

Check out these statistics that show how effective video can be when it comes to sales and lead generation:

  • Using video can increase conversions by 80% – EyeView
  • Email unsubscribes is reduced by 75% when video is used – Eloqua
  • Companies using video see 41% more web traffic from search – Aberdeen

Check out and their long list of features that will dramatically increase your  commercial real estate lead conversions!


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