Working in the commercial real estate industry can be time consuming. There are many things that a broker has to do – from prospecting to maintaining relationships with active clients to documenting everything. It can get overwhelming and exhausting!

We’ve come up with a list of essential commercial real estate productivity tools that will make brokers more efficient and help prevent smalls things from slipping through the cracks.

Here are a few tools that every broker should be using to work productively:


Many people use email as their top form of communication nowadays – especially for business purposes. To make prospecting super efficient for brokers, we suggest using GetResponse.

With GetResponse, you can send emails in bulk, schedule emails ahead of time, or set up an auto-response. It’s saves brokers many hours of busy work and gives more time to focus on closing deals.


Brokers live off their calendar, which could easily get hectic when working in the commercial real estate industry. To prevent brokers from getting overbooked, we recommend using Calendly.

Calendly keeps your schedule organized. It basically works like a regular calendar, but on steroids. Apart from reminding you of your future appointments, Calendly integrates with any personal calendar, as well as other productivity apps. It can easily manage a broker’s availability and even embed available appointments on your website.


Keeping track and taking notes is very important. Brokers are constantly making separate folders for each client that include notes from calls, emails, meetings, and tours. They also have many documents and listings to review for each client. How is it possible to stay on top of your deals?

Evernote is note taking on another level and comes with a lot of other productivity features. Brokers can create separate notebooks for each client, share notes with other brokers, and attach anything from listings to lease documents on each note. It’s also super easy to access these notes with their universal search feature – no more shuffling through notepads and sticky notes!


While almost all of us are familiar video sharing (especially in social media platforms), there aren’t many systems out there that allow you to send a quick, personalized video to an email recipient.

BombBomb allows you to create short video clips for business purposes such as prospecting.


If you are like most people, you have a personal email address ,as well as a couple professional email addresses. It’s a way of segregating your personal life and your business. On the downside of this, it’s easy to miss important emails checking multiple inboxes on a daily basis. Thankfully, there’s SaneBox.

SaneBox will show you all of your emails in one place while also filtering them so you can focus on more important tasks. This can help brokers prioritize which emails to respond to first.

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. There are many commercial real estate CRM systems out there, and they are basically applications that can help brokers with building relationships with customers while staying organized. Although there are many CRMs out there, they are all designed to make your commercial real estate business run more efficiently and help you be more productive. In commercial real estate, it is very important to have a CRM system to stay on top of your prospects and clients.


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