Cold calling voicemails: to leave, or not to leave. That is the question.  There’s been a growing debate about the value of voicemails in the modern commercial real estate sales world of seo’s, emails, and tweets.  

Both schools of thought have their own reasons but today let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of leaving a cold calling voicemail.

Leaving a cold calling voicemail

It’s understandable that as a commercial real estate broker, you may want to leave a voicemail for every unanswered call.  It’s in your best interest to reach out to as many tenants and prospects as possible by any means necessary.  And ultimately, every action should push toward a face-to-face meeting with prospects.  A good voicemail could bring you one step closer toward that objective.

It’s common knowledge that the more touch points you have with a prospect, the higher the probability that the deal will close.  And while a cold calling voicemail may not build the rapport of a phone or email conversation, leaving the voicemail helps to present you to the prospect in a humanizing way.  This can be especially true if you have a great script and are able to deliver it with enthusiasm.  Prospects now have one more way of being introduced to you.

Never leave a voicemail

On the other hand, cold calling voicemails may be draining resources while never producing the desired results.  Statistics show that a sales team of 50 members spends around 1,277 hours a month leaving voicemails [Source: RingDNA].   And what are the results of so many hours of cold calling voicemails?  If you fall within the average numbers, you will only see a response rate of 4.8% [Source:InsideSales].

Also, with a cold calling voicemail, you find yourself caught between the demand for brevity and the desire for depth.  Nobody has time to listen to a 4 minute voicemail but how much of your personality can you get across in 15 seconds between formalities?  This is the specific problem with voicemails.  Faced with this dilemma, some commercial real estate brokers prefer to avoid cold calling voicemails altogether.  After all, there are many other methods that are not weighed down by a time constraint.

The winner?

We’d would love to be able to declare leaving voicemails as completely useless.  Or to proclaim it as the one missing step holding you back from being able to afford that gold plated cereal you’ve been dreaming of.  However, you must ultimately make the decision.  

Do you have the velvety allure to your voice that will cause throngs of prospects to call you back?  Or are you so crunched for time that you haven’t left a voicemail since it was on a rotary phone?  Whatever your choice may be, make sure to keep a watchful eye on your sales metrics.  Changing tactics may ultimately tip the scales toward increasing your amount of deals closed.


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