Imagine cold calling in the 1960s – Mountains upon mountains of paper separating individual desks, each housing a set of callused dialing fingers and sore necks.  We’ve come a long way since then.  Yet, upon close inspection, many of us find ourselves essentially using the same processes for cold calling as in the 1960s.  

Thankfully there’s new technology that can take a classic sales method and give it a productivity makeover.  Using advanced CRM automation, Digsy AI allows you to cold call and follow-up 4x faster than traditional methods.

Easily create your cold call list

One of the strengths of Digsy AI’s  prospecting platform is its ability to consolidate and organize a list of fresh leads.  With a few clicks you can import prospects from your email account into Digsy AI. You can also send over your existing CSV/spreadsheet of contacts to the Digsy AI team to have them directly uploaded into the platform.

Once the contacts are uploaded you can narrow down your search for prospects using any combination of our search functions, including sorting by Industry, Square Footage, Lease Expiration, and/or Gross Commission. You also have the ability to create customizable tags to help you segment your call list for the week.


Cold calling made effortless

Now, to the meat and potatoes of cold calling.  With 2 simple clicks Digsy AI allows you to call through the app using the phone of your choosing.  You can take notes during the call, record the outcome of your conversation, move the prospect to the next stage in the sales process, and schedule a follow-up – all in the time it would’ve taken to handwrite the prospect’s contact info.  All of this is automatically logged and clearly visible for reference before your next interaction with the prospect.


Power through your follow ups

Lastly, keeping track of warm leads has never been easier. Digsy AI prioritizes your prospects by displaying those you need to follow-up with at the top of your dashboard as well as on your scheduled follow-ups page, allowing you to seamlessly follow-up with highest priority prospects first.

If you prefer to follow-up through email, Digsy AI’s email templates remove the burden of writing individual emails while the mass email feature lets you effortlessly follow-up with multiple prospects at a time.


Each one of these features are impressive on their own, however using them in conjunction allows you to experience the full potential of Digsy AI’s technology.  This makes prospecting effortless and efficient, allowing you to focus on what you do best – closing deals.  Digsy AI removes the busywork from your to-do list  and allows you the freedom to build momentum with your prospecting efforts while maintaining your rhythm with less clicks than ever.


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