Time is a funny thing.  Without the assistance of a clock, you may feel like you spent the best years of your life waiting at the DMV.  Or, you turn around to get your baby a bottle and next thing you know they’re graduating high school.

 Because time can fluctuate in such a drastic manner, it’s critical to learn how to manage it.  

As commercial real estate professionals, it’s safe to assume that you have goals and objectives for your life.  Yet, no matter how much effort and energy you exert, you can’t accomplish any of those goals without time.  Therefore, it should always be treated as the highest commodity

Understanding this should compel you to reevaluate the way you spend your time.  So, we’ve provided a time management guide to help commercial real estate brokers accomplish their goals.


Rule #1 of time management – don’t waste it.  Unfortunately, we find ourselves freely throwing time around like we just hit the time powerball.  Prioritizing your tasks is the best way to control wasted time.

For example, if your professional goals include closing more deals and increasing your commissions, place a priority on activities that help you achieve those goals.

Commercial real estate Guru, Rod Santomassimo, notes that market leaders focus their time on these three most productive activities:

  • Prospecting
  • Presentations
  • Personal Market Presence

Part of prioritizing includes removing the busy work that will keep you from achieving your goals.  Got a client that always has a 45 minute question?  Limit communication to email or text.  Keep getting weighed down with digressive tasks?  Reject or delay those tasks.  

Your focus should be on accomplishing all of the tasks on your list, and there are many apps that could help you prioritize your time more efficiently and effectively.


According to Kirsty O’Callaghan’s system for time management you should group your tasks according to 3 D’s – Do, Delegate or Dump.  Prioritization takes care of tasks you do or dump.  What remains is the delegation of remaining tasks.

Delegating is inherently a act of trust, and it can be difficult to trust others with tasks that affect your goals. That said, it’s important to choose wisely when hiring staff or choosing productivity tools.  Strive to choose a person or technology that provides support for weaknesses in your personality.  

Delegating will make your business more well-rounded and versatile.  In doing so, you’ll free yourself up to play to your strengths and boost your productivity.


Have you ever arrived at your house and wondered how you got there?  If you’ve ever commuted in an automated haze, you’ve experienced the power of habitualization.  

If you’re able to navigate streets and traffic without conscious effort, imagine what you’ll accomplish when you’re actively focusing your mental capacities on your most fruitful tasks.

When you’re able to get into a groove, you’ll see your results skyrocket. Think of Einstein’s Year of Miracles or The Beatles’ explosion of music from A Hard Day’s Night to Sgt. Pepper’s.  Incredible things can happen when you find a rhythm of productivity and efficiency.


You should always keep your eye on the prize.  Time management is simply an avenue for you to accomplish your ultimate goals.  If you have an achievement that you wish to accomplish, measure your efforts by that standard.  

If your goal is to be the market leader in your city, gauge how far along you’ve come in reaching those goals.  We find often ourselves being guided by the means instead of the end.  

I must stress again, always bear in mind the directionality of time – you only have so much time.  All of your actions should propel you toward reaching your goals in the shortest amount of time.  


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