In the realm of commercial real estate sales strategies, the email reigns supreme.  Emails are the most powerful and cost effective way of selling your services.  But, like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker before he died for the 18th time, “with great power comes great responsibility”.  Amateur mass emailing can make you a nuisance and negatively portray your business.  This is why mastering email templates is crucial to winning more tenants and listing assignments.

In our exclusive broker coaching video, Digsy CEO, Andrew Bermudez, dives deeper into the critical details of crafting the most effective and successful email templates for commercial real estate. The smallest changes may bring the biggest results to your commercial real estate business.

Why Email Templates?

Emailing is the favored method of a broker’s sales strategy because it’s easy and efficient.  However, it’s only easy and efficient if you’re using email templates.  Writing a personalized email to each one of the contacts on your list will have your carpal-tunnel-plagued fingers screaming for a cold calling list in no time. Instead, you must find a way make your templates speak to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people in a personal way.


Anatomy of a powerful email

Don’t let the commercial real estate niche throw off your communication skills.  Effectively approaching a stranger is the same any way you do it. You want to seem relatable and personable. Your email must show prospects that you aren’t a threat and are reaching out to improve their lives.  Be direct, concise, and make sure to also include a clear call to action.  At the end of your email, your prospect should have a clear idea of who you are, why you reached out, and what they must do next.


Testing 1, 2, 3

Lastly, you must have a method of A/B’ing your emails to see what is the best template for your business.  Without accurate metrics, you’ll keep sending emails that are 99% of the way there, but still lacking the final tweak to make prospects take action.  After all, you’re not emailing to say hi; you need to keep a close eye on prospect activity and engagement in order to refine your email templates.  Find tools that provide feedback, and, most importantly, are intelligible to commoners who don’t review analytics for fun. Only use prospecting tools are clean, simple, and effective.


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