Imagine yourself composing a beautiful piece of music.  The only problem is that it’s played in an ultrasound range of frequency that only dogs can hear.  That’s exactly what happens to the majority of marketing emails that are sent.  Talented people spend time and effort crafting emails, only to shove them into the logjam of daily spam.  Among all the magical hair tonics and get-rich-quick schemes, those emails become inaudible.  That’s why it is crucial to know the best time to email.

It’s important to note that the best time to email is largely irrelevant if you can’t write an email that compels a prospect to take action.  Just putting your name out there isn’t enough.  So, make sure your subject line, and email list are all in peak shape.  Then, test and refine your emails until they are irresistible.

Know your prospect

The key to knowing when to email your prospect is knowing what their schedule looks like.  With this knowledge, you can anticipate when they are most likely to have a lull in their work.  This is why an Experian benchmark study found that early hours are some of the worst times to email.  It makes sense; most prospects will be busiest early in the morning when they are attacking the tasks for the day.  

However, you do not want to email a client when they’re not thinking about work.  Emailing during lunch and after business hours tends to get your emails ignored or pushed down the pecking order.  


Best time to email

Hubspot’s research of over 20 million emails found that Tuesday is still the best day to email.  It boasts the highest number of opens and click-through rate.   A comprehensive study by GetResponse confirmed Hubspot’s findings, Tuesday reigns supreme for email opens.  They also agreed on the best time to email.  Both studies found that emails sent from 9-11 AM has the highest percentage of opens.

Intercom’s study of millions of messages found that Wednesday and Thursday from 10 AM-2 PM are also a peak opening hours for emails.  The middle of the week is the most high-yielding time for email marketing to businesses.   But, one hidden window of opportunity is Thursday from 5-7 PM.  Prospects may be making one final push of productivity before finally relaxing on Friday and preparing for the weekend.


These studies are a map to avoid the obstacles to email opens.  The goal is to reveal the perfect window when most prospects have deleted unwanted emails.  This leaves prospects with a pristine inbox containing only valuable emails.  This timing is crucial.  Good marketing messages should be associated with value.  As with everything, test, study, iterate, and perfect your marketing tactics to achieve a new level of success for your business.

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Best time to email

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