How many sit-ups does it take to get abs like Hugh Jackman?  Or, how many shots does it take to hit a jump shot like Lebron James?  In order for us mere mortals to emulate Lebron or Hugh, we need to be able to recreate their path to achieving their goals.  Now, the question is, how do you define a successful year in commercial real estate?  Or, even more practically, a successful month, week, or the next four hours?  The Digsy AI Sales Call Commission Calculator will show you the steps needed to identify every benchmark on the path toward success.

Find your target

Most people say that they want to be rich.  But, if you ask them to define “rich”, it’s doubtful that you’ll hear a quantifiable definition. This is problematic.  You can’t run a race with no finish line. A comprehensive study on the Psychological Bulletin found that specific and challenging goals outperform easy, or “do-your-best” goals 90% of the time. So, if you to achieve success in your business, you must have an empirically verifiable goal that you want to achieve.


Get on the right track

However, knowing your destination doesn’t mean you know the way.  93% of people don’t know how translate a goal into actions.  This is probably the culprit of all those failed New Year’s resolutions.  But, the easiest way to formulate a plan of action is to reverse-engineer your goal.  If you know how much commission you want to make this year, divide the total by your average commission per deal.  You’ve just calculated how many deals you need to close to hit your sales target.  Now we’re in business!


Work out the mechanics

With this target, you can calculate the amount of appointments you need to book, the amount of calls you need make, and the amount of emails you need to send.  Each one of these steps can be reduced into manageable daily tasks that propel you toward your goal.  This simple plan helps put you in a state of intentionality (and this is where the magic happens). A study in the British Journal of Health Psychology demonstrated that participants who had a plan of implementation were 56% more successful in following through with their objective.

So, if you want to make 2018 the best year for your commercial real estate, grab your #2 pencil and some scratch paper and work out the math.  Or, you can dust off your old accounting calculator to crunch the numbers.  Or…. you can use Digsy AI’s very own commissions calculator where we’ve already done most of the work for you. Whatever method you choose, make a plan and stick to it.  With a little direction, some small daily changes can produce incredible yearly results.


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