Wouldn’t it be nice if success in commercial real estate was an art?  If success was achieved through IQ or natural charm, most brokers would have an easy excuse for not succeeding.  

But, if success is a science…. failure would be the fruit of a stubborn resistance to proven methods.  

In Cold Calling Techniques to Generate More Meetings and Deals, Digsy AI’s CEO and Co-founder, Andrew Bermudez, reveals the science of selling.  He’ll reveal the basic fundamentals that propelled him to Senior VP and elevated the careers of the junior brokers under him.  

Remember who you are

Before you reach out to prospects to peddle your services, stop and rethink your function.  Every client that you’ll ever have has a problem.  And, you’ve only successfully done your job if you’ve provided an effective solution.

The problem with unsuccessful brokers is that they invert their roles.  They think they have a problem (lack of $$$), and the client provides the solution ($$$).  

Instead, remember this truth: clients need you.  They may be completely oblivious, but it is your responsibility to help their business succeed.

Diagnose the problem

Once you understand your role, you can throw away the sales pitch and cold calling script.  Focus your efforts on discovering the problems that will negatively affect the business.  

If a client is looking for a smaller building, there are deeper issues than an excess of space.  Your ability to identify these issues and provide solutions will demonstrate your value better than a canned bio.

Be the hero

Every conflict needs a hero.  And, in order for the hero to be heroic, they need to overcome obstacles.  In this case, the biggest obstacles are the barriers built upon the distrust and suspicion of prospects.  

In practical terms, these could be gatekeepers, spam filters, objections, and rejections.  Thankfully, there are proven methods to help you overcome each one of these obstacles.

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface on the fundamentals of cold calling.  Watch the video below to get the in-depth perspective of a proven method for increasing your meetings and deals.  And remember, sales is a science.  Apply the formula and you will get the desired results.


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