Why does the quest for the best commercial real estate CRM for 2018 matter?  Well, think about everything you do to generate and close deals.  

You grind out cold calls, sprint across town for tours, skip lunch, stay up late, work weekends…. You work hard for your money – the least you could ask is that your CRM works hard too.  

Welp…. don’t hold your breath.  If you haven’t taken your fury out on a poor computer because of useless commercial real estate CRM software, you’re probably reading this on your first day on the job.  

But we have good news! 

Modern CRE tech companies have heard your cries and are raising the bar.  Find out if your CRM made it onto our list of the Best Commercial Real Estate CRM’s for 2018

The Best Commercial Real Estate CRM’s for 2018


Apto CRM

Unique Features :  On your hunt for the best commercial real estate CRM, you’ll inevitably run into Apto.  Apto is a cloud based CRM for commercial real estate that’s built over the Salesforce platform.  It provides a comprehensive list of features for managing projects and deals.  These include renewal management, lease expiration tracking, and a commission estimator for your projected revenue.

Observations :  Apto is ideal for all you Salesforce-loving brokers out there.  It combines the features of Salesforce with a focus and tailoring for commercial real estate.  If you find Salesforce difficult to use, read on…

Price :  $89/month




Unique Features :  VTS excels at lease and asset management – especially for listing brokers working with institutional landlord.  Their platform has the ability to generate real-time reports at the click of a button.  In addition, VTS provides detailed site plans, and asset health ratios for clients to review.

Observations :  VTS would be a great product to look at as the best commercial real estate CRM for B2B project management.  It’s an easy way to track assets and generate reports instantly from a computer or mobile device. 

Price :  Contact VTS.  Since its merger with Hightower, VTS has yet to provide clear pricing details to the public.


Digsy AI

Digsy AI CRM

Unique Features :  Digsy AI is a smart commercial real estate CRM built for highly productive prospect outreach.  It boasts a seamless call function that works across all providers on landlines and cellphones.  Mass emailing, and personalized templates bolster the built-in email client.  Additionally, the integrated email tracking helps you identify who’s reading your emails.  

On the automated side, it adds contacts from your Outlook with one click and imports contacts who respond to your listings.  Meanwhile, it can transcribe your business cards into its CRM.  It auto-logs your calls, and emails without BCC’ing or using a different telephony provider.  Due to these features, Digsy AI instantly eliminates at least 80% of your data entry.

Observations :  Digsy AI’s platform is built to save you over 10 hours a week of prospecting.  So, now you can make more money and spend more time with the people or things you love.  Digsy AI has refined calling, emailing, tasks, follow-ups, and identifying hot leads.  Everything is optimized for getting the highest ROI on your time.  Most importantly, it comes with unlimited training and support.

Price :  $89.99/month  $65/month (23% discount for our readers).



REthink CRM

Unique Features :  REthink is another commercial real estate CRM built on the Salesforce platform.  They cover the spectrum of tenant reps, landlord reps, buyer reps, and seller reps.  Their report/analytics, and their commissions/payments features are super useful for busy brokers.

Observations :  REthink offers an impressive set of pipeline management, plan stacking, and prospect management tools.  It also provides a fully functional back-office system for generating reports and for accounting.

Price :  $35 – $75/month


Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM

Unique Features :  They’ve been working to elevate their mobile platform with new geo-location technology that provides a “Nearby” map of other contacts in the area.  It also has the capability to generate quotes in-app.

Observations :  Sugar CRM is not built for commercial real estate but it is highly customizable.  They allow users to personalize the design, fields, and deployment modules depending on their business. This flexibility is crucial for users in narrow, niche markets.

Price :  $40 – $150/month.



Nimble CRM

Unique Features :  Nimble integrates with your iPhone’s contacts, calendar, and reminders.  They also have a Google Chrome extension that can pull in contacts from LinkedIn and Twitter just by highlighting names on the browser.

Observations :  It has a beefy mobile app that can do multiple jobs at once.  It’s capable of assigning contacts to multiple pipelines and lets you track various deals within a single company or client.  However, Nimble was not engineered as a commercial real estate CRM.  You’ll need to have your tech team customize it.

Price :  $25/month (standard) + $25/month for additional space (25 GB).



Clientlook CRM

Unique Features :  Clientlook has an awesome Mailchimp integration and synchronization.  Also, they allow users to customize fields so that each specific business can stay on top of their data.  Clientlook encourage users to take advantage of their own virtual assistant team.

Observations :  Clientlook is a CRM designed and built for commercial real estate.  So, it helps keep your contacts, deals, and properties organized. It provides a central location for record keeping by connecting notes, emails, and tasks.  They also just recently released their new mobile app for users.

Price :  $69/month


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Unique Features :  It seems like Zoho integrates with every business app on the planet.  I honestly don’t have a count of how many extensions Zoho can house under one roof.

Observations :  For those of you coming from Salesforce, Zoho looks and feels like Salesforce.  Additionally, it comes with the entire Zoho ecosystem that includes modules for accounting, marketing, and much more.  However, it will require some IT elbow grease since Zoho is not designed for commercial real estate.

Price :  $12- $100/month



Base CRM

Unique Features :  Base is an extremely clean and easy platform.  They eschew the standard buffet of features to focus on a lean, lightweight system that just works.  There are a practical amount of functions, and they are all clear and accessible.

Observations :  Base’s simplicity is its strength.  It has a truly easy-to-use UI that doesn’t get in the way of your workflow.  However, Base is not a commercial real estate CRM.  It has some customizability, but there are limitations.  So make sure to trial the system before committing IT’s efforts into customizing Base to meet your needs. 

Price :  $45 – $145/month plus additional $$$ for add-ons.



Ascendix CRM

Unique Features :  Ascendix was created to provide a commercial real estate face to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics functionality.  Plus, it provides brokers with the ability to track and engage prospects on social media.  Ascendix has unique mapping tools, and a handy commission split function.

Observations :  Ascendix’s UI is a smooth transition for users of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.  It’s extremely flexible for the different types of brokers who depend on Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce for their deal management.  It’s also Cloud based so it’s a great CRM for brokers on the go.

Price :  $49 – $95/month


The Winner?

We don’t want to seem anticlimactic here, but…. we’ll leave the title for best commercial real estate CRM of 2018 up to you.

*Although, we’d like to think that we definitely win “Best Commercial Real Estate CRM Blog of 2018” hands down 😉

In the end, the best commercial real estate CRM is the one that works best for you.

Which one makes your job easier, faster, and more enjoyable?

So, if you swear by the ol’ black book and Post-it notes, we won’t argue with you (but, you will have a heck of a time convincing us to adopt your method).

Whatever system you chose, their final goal should always be to create the best commercial real estate broker.  If their focus is on you, your business should serve as evidence that their product is, in fact, the best commercial real estate CRM.


If you use another system, or know of a system that you would consider a nominee for best commercial real estate CRM, let us know in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you.


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