Digsy AI believes that tracking your sales performance metrics is critical for success in commercial real estate. That’s why our commercial real estate CRM gives you the capability to view your very own Sales Performance Metrics.

Having to manually log your performance always gets in the way of the other 500 things on your to-do list.  In Digsy AI, your metrics are logged automatically for you in real time. That way you have accurate data to identify patterns and compare week-by-week how much you’ve improved as a commercial real estate broker.

It’s time to close your spreadsheets, throw away your post-its, and toss your inaccurate sales reports in the trash! You can start recreating the number of calls, emails, and meetings that brought you success so you can close deals like clockwork.

How to View Your Sales Performance Metrics

You can quickly access your performance metrics by clicking the “My Performance” tab wherever you are in the Digsy AI platform.

Sales Performance Metrics

When you click on the “My Performance” tab, it’ll give you a visual breakdown of the count and rate of how many:

  • total prospects you’ve contacted
  • appointments you’ve set
  • deals you’ve closed

It’ll even go into detail about the total amount of activities overall, and explain how many activities were performed within each stage of the sales process. You’re able to see how many:

  • calls you’ve made
  • voicemails you’ve left
  • emails you sent
  • meetings you’ve booked

… and much more

​​Sales Performance Metrics

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