Have you ever wondered how the top brokers dominated and excelled in your market?

Since the day you started, you’ve known that you could be the top producer and sales leader. But hard work and determination have only gotten you so far.

While you’ve carried on with your work routine, the hungriest brokers in the nation continue to strategize and receive commercial real estate training with the best coaches.

A couple of the best commercial real estate mentors, Rod Santomassimo from the Massimo Group and Andrew Bermudez from Digsy AI, have worked with the top brokers in the the most competitive markets and identified the key techniques that separate the top brokers from the rest.

Watch the webinar below: 3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Brokers


Inside this webinar we’ll go over the 3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Brokers, as well as show you easy tactics to identify hot leads from  your marketing campaigns.

Download the webinar slides below

Top Brokers


Now that you’re here, you can stop scrolling through Google for help.

We’ve packed the most valuable lessons and techniques into a single, presentation, so that you can immediately go out and revolutionize your business. No other source will give you more experience and expertise – this session could be the defining moment in your career.


About the Hosts

commercial real estate top brokers  Rod Santomassimo – Founder and President of the Massimo Group, the premier commercial real estate brokerage coaching and consulting organization in the North America. He is a popular speaker at regional and national conferences.   He is also the author of Brokers Who Dominate, Amazon’s #1 best selling Commercial Real Estate book.


commercial real estate top brokersAndrew Bermudez – CEO and Co-founder of Digsy AI.  He is a former Senior Vice President & Partner with 12 years of experience at Lee & Associates.  He’s used his interactions with users to continue his mentorship and coaching of CRE brokers.  His Digsy AI blog, webinars, and exclusive commercial real estate coaching sessions have helped thousands of brokers across the country.

About Digsy AI

Digsy AI is a Smart Commercial Real Estate CRM that helps you make more money in less time.

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