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How to Generate 20% More Commercial Real Estate Leads

Commercial real estate leads are highly sought after by brokers everywhere, and this is for good reason. Commercial real estate leads are very hard and take a lot of time to generate. Think about how brokers generate leads of tenants & buyers they can represent or to fill vacant listings:

  • Cold calling
  • Cold emails
  • Networking

These things take a lot of time an energy. The average sales appointment rate is 2%. That means that if you want to generate 1 to 2 appointments, you have to make 100 cold calls. The average phone call length is 7.5 minutes. That means that to get these 2 appointments you have to spend almost 12 hours cold calling. That’s a lot of time.

Cold emails to tenant & buyer prospects can be more efficient, but finding email addresses can be just as time consuming as making cold calls.

Networking takes a lot of time too. You spend time driving to the destination to meet networking buddies, spend hours socializing, then spend days and months keeping in touch and asking them if they have any tenants or buyers leads in the market for commercial real estate.

The problem with these commercial real estate lead generation tactics is that it takes too much damn time. The solution is for sure to work smarter, not harder.

So how do you work smarter to generate more commercial real estate leads with less time and effort?

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Four Steps to Generate More Online CRE Leads for Your Property

This post was written by  SharpLaunch  

We all know that your ability to generate leads is key for growing your sales pipeline and a leading indicator for closing deals.

Whether for a lease-up effort or investment sales, if your sales pipeline is weak then there is only one thing to do… generate more leads for your property.

What if you’ve tapped out your existing network? Run out of ideas? Then consider leveraging online channels to start uncovering new opportunities.

Here is a 4-step process to leverage online marketing to increase your property lead generation:

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3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Brokers [Webinar Replay]

Have you ever wondered how the top brokers dominated and excelled in your market?

Since the day you started, you’ve known that you could be the top producer and sales leader. But hard work and determination have only gotten you so far.

While you’ve carried on with your work routine, the hungriest brokers in the nation continue to strategize and receive commercial real estate training with the best coaches.

A couple of the best commercial real estate mentors, Rod Santomassimo from the Massimo Group and Andrew Bermudez from Digsy AI, have worked with the top brokers in the the most competitive markets and identified the key techniques that separate the top brokers from the rest.

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[Free Webinar] Commercial Real Estate Coaching with The Massimo Group & Digsy AI

Join this free webinar3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Producers, with the  Massimo Group and Digsy AI. They’ll be giving you live commercial real estate coaching that’ll help refine your sales technique and transform your business. This is an exclusive webinar, so make sure to register below!

3 Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Top Producers [Live CRE Coaching]

Thursday, May 17th at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST)

Commercial Real Estate coaching with Digsy AI & The Massimo Group

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Write An Email Subject Line That Grows Your CRE Business – 5 Best Tips

Have you been ignoring the email subject line?

We all know the sense of accomplishment that comes with adding the final period to an immaculately-worded email.  Then, in a euphoric haze, we quickly hammer out a subject line and hit “Send”.  Unfortunately, that neglected email subject line can make all our previous efforts count for nothing.  

The subject line is not the cherry on top of your proverbial email sundae, it’s the spoon.  It’s what gets your readers to open the email in the first place.  Researchers found that 47% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

Think about how many emails you’ve deleted today without ever taking the time to read the content.  You’re living proof that email subject lines make or break a campaign!  

So, it’s time to give some much needed attention to the forgotten subject line.  Here are 5 game-changing tips for your email subject lines:

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Best Commercial Real Estate CRM Systems – 2018

Why does the quest for the best commercial real estate CRM for 2018 matter?  Well, think about everything you do to generate and close deals.  

You grind out cold calls, sprint across town for tours, skip lunch, stay up late, work weekends…. You work hard for your money – the least you could ask is that your CRM works hard too.  

Welp…. don’t hold your breath.  If you haven’t taken your fury out on a poor computer because of useless commercial real estate CRM software, you’re probably reading this on your first day on the job.  

But we have good news! 

Modern CRE tech companies have heard your cries and are raising the bar.  Find out if your CRM made it onto our list of the Best Commercial Real Estate CRM’s for 2018

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Cold Calling Scripts for Commercial Real Estate That Really Work

You need a set of ultimate cold calling scripts for commercial real estate, right? 

You’re looking for the perfect configuration of words that will instantly build rapport and establish trust.  A broker in possession of such a script would be unstoppable!!!

Alas, I’m sorry to tell you that cold calling scripts for commercial real estate are like pick-up lines…. When’s the last time you heard one actually work?  

But, don’t despair.  I know you’re not looking up cold calling scripts just ‘cuz you like reading them.  

No, you want to know what to say on the phone when you cold call a lead.  You might think it’s the same thing, but let me explain….

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Cold Calling Techniques to Generate More CRE Meetings & Deals [Webinar]

Wouldn’t it be nice if success in commercial real estate was an art?  If success was achieved through IQ or natural charm, most brokers would have an easy excuse for not succeeding.  

But, if success is a science…. failure would be the fruit of a stubborn resistance to proven methods.  

In Cold Calling Techniques to Generate More Meetings and Deals, Digsy AI’s CEO and Co-founder, Andrew Bermudez, reveals the science of selling.  He’ll reveal the basic fundamentals that propelled him to Senior VP and elevated the careers of the junior brokers under him.  

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Never Miss a Sales Goal Again with Digsy AI’s Commission Calculator [Free Video & Download]

How many sit-ups does it take to get abs like Hugh Jackman?  Or, how many shots does it take to hit a jump shot like Lebron James?  In order for us mere mortals to emulate Lebron or Hugh, we need to be able to recreate their path to achieving their goals.  Now, the question is, how do you define a successful year in commercial real estate?  Or, even more practically, a successful month, week, or the next four hours?  The Digsy AI Sales Call Commission Calculator will show you the steps needed to identify every benchmark on the path toward success.

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Best Times to Send Emails [Free Printable Included]

Imagine yourself composing a beautiful piece of music.  The only problem is that it’s played in an ultrasound range of frequency that only dogs can hear.  That’s exactly what happens to the majority of marketing emails that are sent.  Talented people spend time and effort crafting emails, only to shove them into the logjam of daily spam.  Among all the magical hair tonics and get-rich-quick schemes, those emails become inaudible.  That’s why it is crucial to know the best time to email.

It’s important to note that the best time to email is largely irrelevant if you can’t write an email that compels a prospect to take action.  Just putting your name out there isn’t enough.  So, make sure your subject line, and email list are all in peak shape.  Then, test and refine your emails until they are irresistible.

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