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Month: April 2018

Write An Email Subject Line That Grows Your CRE Business – 5 Best Tips

Have you been ignoring the email subject line?

We all know the sense of accomplishment that comes with adding the final period to an immaculately-worded email.  Then, in a euphoric haze, we quickly hammer out a subject line and hit “Send”.  Unfortunately, that neglected email subject line can make all our previous efforts count for nothing.  

The subject line is not the cherry on top of your proverbial email sundae, it’s the spoon.  It’s what gets your readers to open the email in the first place.  Researchers found that 47% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

Think about how many emails you’ve deleted today without ever taking the time to read the content.  You’re living proof that email subject lines make or break a campaign!  

So, it’s time to give some much needed attention to the forgotten subject line.  Here are 5 game-changing tips for your email subject lines:

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View Your CRE Sales Performance Metrics in Real Time With Digsy AI

Digsy AI believes that tracking your sales performance metrics is critical for success in commercial real estate. That’s why our commercial real estate CRM gives you the capability to view your very own Sales Performance Metrics.

Having to manually log your performance always gets in the way of the other 500 things on your to-do list.  In Digsy AI, your metrics are logged automatically for you in real time. That way you have accurate data to identify patterns and compare week-by-week how much you’ve improved as a commercial real estate broker.

It’s time to close your spreadsheets, throw away your post-its, and toss your inaccurate sales reports in the trash! You can start recreating the number of calls, emails, and meetings that brought you success so you can close deals like clockwork.

How to View Your Sales Performance Metrics

You can quickly access your performance metrics by clicking the “My Performance” tab wherever you are in the Digsy AI platform.

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