Month: July 2017

Exclusive: 7 Steps to Build a Top-Level Commercial Real Estate Sales Team

Whether you are an established real estate agent or venturing out into the field, a commercial real estate sales team is required in order to be successful. Being aware of the key steps that will assemble the right team will help your brokerage stand out from the crowd and competitors.

This will also drive customers to a swift decision and enable you to maximize your profit potential. Here are 7 steps to building a top-level commercial real estate sales team:

  1. Research what makes a successful sales team

The best way to learn about team building is doing  research. Consult internet resources, other firms , and get suggestions from within your sales team itself. Your group of agents  should always have similar goals and core values in order to work effectively together. Team building will improve internal communication and foster teamwork. Once the right sales team is assembled, team building should be put into effect.

  1. Interview and ask the right questions during the hiring process

In commercial real estate, the hiring process should be taken seriously, as it could make or break your brokerage. Asking relevant questions during the interview process will help you find skilled, top-notch brokers who best qualify for your firm. Ask questions to identify how they worked to achieve goals in the past and how they will fit into your sales quota.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make difficult firing decisions

In your process of building a successful commercial real estate sales team, it is important to hire the best agents  for the job. However, should any issues arise, do not be afraid to replace a failing associate. Managing a sales team may be hard, but managing an awful  sales team is even harder. Do not be dependent on personal relationships, and always make the best professional decision for the agency.

  1. Use up-to-date and innovative  technology tools to help your team succeed

Brokerages with the best tools have a higher success rate, and your team of brokers  should evolve with changing time and technology. Take control of the tools that you are using in your business by learning what is working and what should be adopted by your team. With the right tech tools, your commercial real estate team will have the ability to easily stay on top of their clients, prospect more effectively, and close more deals.

  1. Hold your team accountable by recording metrics

When it comes to accountability, it is very important to stay on top of each deal and keep track all relevant metrics.This will remind each of your team members of their individual targets and team goals that should be achieved. After all, accountability also breeds responsibility. Focus on goals that are attainable and create metrics that will give the desired results.

  1. Effective communication is key!

The overall success or failure of a commercial real estate sales team hinges on how effectively it communicates. This can be done through regular meetings, performance reviews, written checklists, and procedures. Communication is crucial for ensuring the success of the entire team.

  1. Continuously train your team

Always provide your sales team with endless amounts of education and resources. This will ensure that the team properly reinforces their selling strategy until it’s close to perfect. By doing this, you’ll build a top-quality team of brokers.

With these 7 steps, you can build your commercial real estate dream team and establish a successful brokerage.


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With these systems, you are forced to ‘BCC’ each email that you would like saved. For any replies from the client, you would then need to copy and paste the communication into the client’s profile within the CRM.

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How often does this happen to you? Switching through multiples screens, moving between multiple sales platforms or CRMs, copying and pasting emails, keeping track of when you last spoke or met the client, scheduling insane amount of tasks and follow-ups. This list can go on, but overall It can be tough staying on top of your leads.

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How to Get Commercial Real Estate Tenants and Buyers to Open Your Email

Commercial real estate brokers  have a tough job. Unlike residential real estate agents, who have millions of homes to sell and buy with clients, commercial space is at more of a premium and therefore requires a lot more effort on the part of the commercial real estate broker . While it can be a lot of work to build a great list of tenants and buyers  in the commercial space, there are a number of ways to get your clients onboard through commercial real estate email subject lines.

Here are a few ways you can get started writing great commercial real estate email subject lines:

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How to Generate Daily Tenant Rep Leads without Cold Calling [Video]

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A few untapped goldmines where most salespeople aren’t searching for tenants and buyers are Forums, Q&A sites, such as Quora and Yahoo! Answers, and even Reddit.

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Using Video Email to Gain More Commercial Real Estate Deals

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What is video email? According to, by simply sending a video of yourself in an email to your prospect, you’ll quickly be on your way to gaining more commercial real estate deals. BombBomb users get 81% more replies from prospects, 68% more lead conversions and 56% of their users even get more referrals, just from sending quick videos within their emails!

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