Commercial real estate brokers  have a tough job. Unlike residential real estate agents, who have millions of homes to sell and buy with clients, commercial space is at more of a premium and therefore requires a lot more effort on the part of the commercial real estate broker . While it can be a lot of work to build a great list of tenants and buyers  in the commercial space, there are a number of ways to get your clients onboard through commercial real estate email subject lines.

Here are a few ways you can get started writing great commercial real estate email subject lines:

Let Them Know You’ll Be Teaching Them Something

When it comes to working with commercial real estate clients, the closing of the transaction doesn’t mean the end of the relationship. It’s important to continue to send follow-up emails to your previous and current clients.

One way you can keep in touch with them is by teaching them how to achieve a goal with their commercial real estate investment or offering. Perhaps they need some capital to start expanding their existing business; you could send them an email about how to leverage their existing real estate to find money to expand their business.

Teaching your clients how to make their dreams come true is a great way to keep them thinking about you for future transactions.

Remind Them of Time Sensitivity

When you send an email to current and previous commercial real estate clients, remind them that commercial space is limited. Continue to send  them new and exciting spaces as they come available to the market , and keep in touch by asking them what they need in their future space and expansion plans. By reminding them that buildings and office space goes fast, you can entice them to move on an offer more quickly.

Just Check In

There’s no better way to gain and keep a client’s trust then  to just simply check in with them. Demonstrating an interest in your present and future clients shows that you care. After purchasing a building or leasing a  space from you, it will make the tenant or buyer  feel like your relationship wasn’t all about the transaction. Make sure you personalize your emails so that clients know you are speaking directly to them instead of trying to sell to the masses in your email list.

Give them Something for Free

Commercial real estate brokers  can keep their clients coming back for more by sending emails that include  special offers. For example, you can offer to do an assessment of a space for free or you can remind them that it costs them nothing to use the services of a commercial real estate broker to buy or lease a bigger and more exciting space for their business. You work to help them find their next great space for free. Another neat idea is to offer to send them some information for free about the market or about their area. Ask them if they want to receive notices of new buildings coming on the market – it all adds up to you going above and beyond for your clients – they’ll love that.

When you are getting ready to write the email subject lines for your commercial real estate business, consider what you can offer your clients outside of just selling or leasing them a building. The more you can offer them, and the more personalized service you can provide, the more they will want to work with you in the future.


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