If you are in commercial real estate, you are aware of the importance of having up-to-date contacts in your CRM system. If anything, your commercial real estate business runs on contacts. Unfortunately, new contacts often come to you in the form of a business card, and business cards mean data entry.

Luckily, many solutions exist to allow you to scan business cards efficiently. The use of these software solutions allows you time to concentrate on other tasks, such as cold calling and client meetings. As a plus, some apps are so efficient that the contacts can be scanned directly into your CRM system.

Here are a few solutions to easily scan business cards into your commercial real estate CRM:


FullContact is a handy app that can be integrated with numerous CRM systems. You can easily get started by linking it to your email and logging in to the app using your mobile device. Once you take a photo of the business card, the app transcribes the details and saves it to your contacts in your email software or integrated CRM.


iCapture is another app that lets you scan business cards to your CRM conveniently. The reader allows you to scan the cards even when you are not connected to the internet. While offline, the app is able to save the details and upload them for transcription upon reconnection. After transcription, iCapture features a double verification to confirm date correctness. It is able to integrate with quite a few CRMs, as well.  


CamCard is a card reader that is known for its ability to read in 16 different languages. Furthermore, its API enables it to read numerous cards within a short period of time. It also features an efficient sorting system and organizes capture details into groups.

Digsy AI

Digsy AI includes free business card transcription that quickly gets business card contacts into your Digsy AI sales pipeline — so no prospect falls through the cracks ever again. To use this feature, simply take a picture or mass scan your business cards, and click on the “Import Business Cards” button — and you’re off to the races!

CRM Business Card Scanning & transcription - Digsy AI


Digsy AI is a sales automation platform that focuses on quickly and efficiently converting prospects into active clients. In just a few short clicks, you can make phone calls, send emails, and set follow up dates all from one central place.

You could also drop the physical cards in the mail, overnight or FedEx to their processing address. Once the business cards have been transcribe, they’ll send you a notification and mail them back to you within 24 hours upon receipt.

Scanning all of your business cards directly into your CRM system has never been easier. With these options available to you, you’ll never need to transcribe data again!


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