Any salesperson with many prospects in their sales funnel knows following up with each of them is very important. However, following up can take a lot of time. Efficient follow-ups are extremely important given the fact that over 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect. Because to follow-up with prospects is hard work, only 10% of all salespeople achieve to touch them over 5 or more contacts. Following up can not only take a lot of time but substantially lower your daily productivity in other areas.

How can you follow up with dozens of prospects in less than 60 seconds and keep track of each email without data entry or remembering to bcc an email address?

Productivity is key — believe me, Digsy AI was co-founded by a productivity-obsessed sales leader. That’s why Digsy AI’s email templates feature was designed to help you follow-up with your prospects in no time.

With Digsy AI you can quickly send emails and even create your own personalized email templates to contact or follow-up with prospects with no extra work. You can easily send content rich emails to your prospects with attachments (none of this lousy link stuff) with just a couple clicks. The emails you send through Digsy AI will also magically appear in the “Sent” folder of your email program of choice. That way, you never lose a conversation in Digsy AI or your email program.

Here’s how you get rockin’:

Step 1: Open the Follow-Ups page by clicking your follow-ups in the upper-right corner of the Prospects Dashboard or by clicking on the link in the Follow-Up Reminder email Digsy AI sends you in the morning.

Open the Follow-Ups page

Step 2: Select “Send Follow Up” button for the prospect you’d like to follow up with.

Send Follow-Up


NOTE: This will auto-populate an email template that you have pre-selected in your Digsy AI settings. You can add new templates, modify them at any time and select a default for follow-ups to make it very quick and easy.


Email Template


Step 3: Send your follow-up!


Follow-up with Prospects

Step 4: Set a new follow-up date for the prospect so you won’t forget!

Set new Follow-Up date


Check out the animated gif below to see how you can follow up with 12 prospects in only 60 seconds!

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