5 Habits Sales Reps use to crush it in sales? Why should we talk about this?

Success in sales is determined by many factors. Successful sales reps are a vital part of any company’s growth and prosperity. Good sales reps are invaluable in keeping a company stable and prosperous.

It is hard work to be a sales rep, however, and only 10% of all salespeople make 5 or more contacts with the same prospect. The reality is that 80% of all sales occur between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect. Successful sales reps follow certain habits in order to achieve the results they desire. So, it’s important for anyone in sales to know the common habits sales reps use to get and stay at the top of their game — so they can achieve the same.

Here are the top five habits sales reps use to improve their sales performance:

  1. Knowledge

Successful sales reps know their audience, their product, their industry and their competition. While it is easy to get information such as demographics, geographics, and psychographics, you should also get some insight into the character or persona of the prospects you are selling to. You will want to know their challenges so that you can help them meet and solve their challenges via your products.

– You should also be an expert on the product you are selling. Know more about it than what is written on the box.

– Awareness of your competition will help you find selling points of comparison – such as how your product is different and better, and what unique value it may offer to prospects.

– Know the industry you are selling in, inside and out. Keep informed on new trends, forecasts and challenges. This will help you know what your prospects needs are and what the industry leaders and experts are advising.

  1. Goals

To sell effectively, have goals. Know your company’s strategy and goals, and understand your role in helping it achieve those goals.

– Make a plan so you can develop short-term goals that help hit the long term goals

– Make a daily plan of what you want to accomplish each day

  1. Coaching

Be a learner to be an earner. Constantly seek opportunities to improve your sales techniques and pitches. Real-time adjustments of strategies boost sales. This will help you to not be defensive with a tough customer, and increase your overall success rate.

  1. Use Data

Successful sales reps know how to use accurate data and gain deeper insight. This helps sales strategy and provides a way of helping you make the plans to achieve your goals. Along with this, do not be afraid to review both your wins as well as your losses. Determine what worked and what did not so that you can change and become even more effective (and successful) next time.

  1. Sales Tools

Sales tools were made for use, so make use of them. For instance, collaboration, sales enablement, sales intelligence, lead management and more should all be part of your routine practices. These tools help you to stay organized and come up with a ‘system’ for how you conduct your sales interactions. The sales tools you use can make sure you are productive and on task even on the blah days when your motivation and mojo are running low. Part of using sales tools is identifying and getting rid of the tasks and information which hinders your sales productivity.


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