Email marketing has been the top driver of sales in most industries for years. It yields double the return on investment (ROI) than over networking, cold calling, and even tradeshow attendance.

But what if you don’t have many email addresses to send your sales emails to? How can you collect email addresses to build your list and crush your sales goals?

In this video, Andrew Bermudez, Co-founder and CEO of Digsy AI, gives many examples of ways you can grow your email list with little effort and why it’s important to use email marketing as part of your sales strategy.

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collect email addresses

As one idea, Andrew mentions sending a weekly newsletter to your current email list with curated content catered to your audience. You can then follow-up with a personalized email to request that the recipient forwards the content on to their colleagues and friends who will benefit from the information provided.

Be sure to stay top-of-mind by emailing your list at least once a week.


  • Email marketing is 2 times higher in ROI than networking, cold calls, or even trade shows. [Source: MarketingSherpa]
  • Emails which are personalized and include the recipient’s first name have higher open rates. [Source: Retention Science]


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