A wise trainer once said that strength doesn’t come from lifting the most weight.  It’s about lifting less weight with the proper technique.  Thousands of brokers start out their careers trying to grow their business with effort alone.  But, strategy and discipline will focus your effort toward an identifiable goal.  

In this webinar, CEO and Co-founder of Digsy AI, Andrew Bermudez, shares proven tactics that can make your 2018 commission goals soar. This webinar also includes free prospecting material such as:

  • Commissions Calculator to help you calculate how many calls to make to reach your 2018 commissions goal
  • Best Times to Cold Call sheet which tells you when the best hours to cold call each day from Monday through Friday
  • Proposal & Tour Times sheet which tells you the best hours to do proposals and tours throughout the week
  • Prospecting Activity Tracker to help you keep track of how many calls and emails you’ve made

Watch Prove Tactics to Make Your 2018 Commission Goals Soar webinar

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Reverse engineer your commissions goals

A powerful tool that we’ve created is a commission calculator.  It calculates the amount of meetings, appointments, and calls that are required for you to hit your goal.  In this business, brokers don’t have the security of a salary.  This means that they have to stick to a schedule and be ruthless with their time.  Following the commission calculator provides a daily and monthly guide to reaching your commission goals for 2018.


Digsy AI’s Commission Calculator

Focus on the right targets

Every broker follows lease expiration dates.  But there are several other key indicators of a business ready to move.  Keep a close eye on rent increases, hiring sprees, or downsizing businesses.  An empty parking lot may be a symptom of an oversized building. A full parking lot with employees parked on the street probably means they’ve outgrown their current facilities. These are just a few telltale signs of a business looking to move in the near future.


Keep track of your efforts

Keeping notes of your prospecting efforts will help build rapport, but, maintaining records allows you to maintain consistent pressure on your deals. Some brokers use spreadsheets like Excel or Google sheets to track activities.  Or, if you prefer a reliable ‘ol pen and paper, we’ve created our own printouts that brokers can use to log their activities.  However, we personally preferred to automate our record keeping and use Digsy AI as a commercial real estate CRM to log and maintain our prospecting activity.

Prospecting Activity Tracker


Reduce data entry

If you’re spending hours of your day manually emailing, dialing, and record-keeping, you’re an overpaid secretary.   Your time should be spent dealing with people, not data.  So, find commercial real estate CRM that can do menial tasks for you.  There are an abundance of programs that you can incorporate into your prospecting.  Digsy AI consolidates time saving tools into a single platform to increase efficiency.

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