You need a set of ultimate cold calling scripts for commercial real estate, right? 

You’re looking for the perfect configuration of words that will instantly build rapport and establish trust.  A broker in possession of such a script would be unstoppable!!!

Alas, I’m sorry to tell you that cold calling scripts for commercial real estate are like pick-up lines…. When’s the last time you heard one actually work?  

But, don’t despair.  I know you’re not looking up cold calling scripts just ‘cuz you like reading them.  

No, you want to know what to say on the phone when you cold call a lead.  You might think it’s the same thing, but let me explain….

If you could skip the script and move straight into qualifying, wouldn’t you do it?  Of course you would! 

Well, we’ve got the perfect set of steps to move past cold calling scripts for commercial real estate and into reliable, trust-building discussion. 

Why Cold Calling Scripts Fall Short

Now, the problem with cold calling scripts (as with pick-up lines) is that they’re all essentially monologues.  Cold calling scripts are all about you.  Even if the scripts include questions, they need to be answered in the correct way for your script to work.  

Real life never works out this way.  You could write a whole book out of the different responses to the simple question, “how’s it going?”.

Plus, the worst part about cold calling scripts for commercial real estate is that you’re not fooling anyone… your leads know it’s a script! It takes some Daniel Day-Lewis-level acting chops to convince clients that you’re not reading lines off a sheet of paper.

Prospects can tell that you’re faking it.  They know you don’t really care about their life or their business, you care about your commission.  And, it’s reflected in the numbers.  Only 13% of customers believe that a salesperson understands their needs.

Cold calling scripts are inherently selfish.  Your leads deserve more respect than that.  They don’t have time for your pre-packaged, canned conversation.  

So, what’s the solution?

The Right Way

Actually, it’s simple.  Ask sincere questions.  Since people hate fake, generic blather, how about…. genuinely trying to help?  Throw away your elevator pitch and quick bio.  

Instead, focus all of the attention on the client. Genuine questions take the spotlight off you and put it on the lead.  And, being focused and disciplined on your calls will yield immediate results

That’s why we’ve always valued questions over cold calling scripts.  Questions help you get to the root of why the lead needs your services.  Questions help you and the client identify their problem.  And, “what is their problem?” you may ask…. 

Well, no commercial real estate client in the history of the world has ever wanted a broker.  


What they’ve all wanted was a solution to their problem regarding real estate.  They either need to downsize or expand, they need a tenant, or they need to avoid capital gain taxes.  So, stop trying to sell a broker when there’s no market for one.  

Instead, talk about what the client really needs, even if they haven’t realized that they need it yet.  And be relentless.   Don’t let their ignorance to the problem inhibit their opportunity for a solution.

That’s why, instead of a cold calling script, we have a list of the best questions for commercial real estate leads.  They aim straight for the pain points, and direct the conversation toward a solution. 

They’ll seamlessly position the lead as a damsel (or dude) in distress.  And, in turn, you become their real estate messiah on a mission.


Simplify your work flow

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